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"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan to Arnold
Arnold's Christmas to Brobot (Character)
Brobot (character) to Crib Notes
Cricket to Elisha Cuthbert
Eliza Thornberry to Grandpa Wolfe
Granitor to Jane Lynch
Janice Kawaye to Leaky
Leather Teddy to Lollygaggin
Lonely Ghost to Mr. Beady
Mr. Beaker to Nicktoons
Nicktoons: Android Invasion to Portia Gibbons
Posi-Dam Adventure to Rocket Power
Rocket Power: Beach Bandits to Slime
Slime Day to Teddy McNulty
Teddy and Art: 25 Cent Trouble to The Spider's Lair
The Spiderwick Chronicles to Vivianne Collins
Vlad Masters to Zuma
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