"Spell It Out" is the second segment of the 41st episode of The Loud House.


Tired of her siblings walking all over her, Lucy turns to a spellbook once owned by Great-Grandma Harriet to teach her siblings a lesson. When it works too well upon her fellow siblings being unable to speak, Lucy takes advantage of this until she feels bad and must find a way to reverse it.


Voice actor Character(s)
Collin Dean Lincoln
Cathrene Taber Lori
Liliana Mumy Leni
Nika Futterman Luna
Cristina Puceli Luan
Jessica DiCicco Lynn
Grey DeLisle Lana
Lara Jill Miller Lisa
Caleel Harris Clyde
Brian Stepanek Lynn Sr.
Vampire TV announcer
John DiMaggio Edwin
Game TV announcer
Jill Talley Rita
Wyatt Griswold Rusty

Polly Pain, Pop-Pop, Bernie, and Seymour appear, but do not have speaking parts.

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