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5 Reasons Why Season 1 is the BEST Season! 🧽 SpongeBob SquarePants


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This is a list of episodes in the first season of SpongeBob SquarePants. All episodes premiered on the main Nickelodeon network.

This was the only season of SpongeBob SquarePants to include traditional cel animation; the next season began the newer process of digital ink and paint.


# Title card Title Original air date
1 Help Wanted.png "Help Wanted" May 1, 1999
SpongeBob SquarePants attempts to get a job at the local restaurant called the Krusty Krab, but is tasked to find a mechanical spatula because the owner, Mr. Krabs, considers him unqualified for the position.
Reef Blower.jpg "Reef Blower" May 1, 1999
Trying to keep his front yard meticulous, Squidward Tentacles, SpongeBob's next-door neighbor, picks up a shell sitting and throws it over to SpongeBob's yard. SpongeBob finds this the perfect time to use his electric, high powered "reef blower" to remove the shell off his yard. Squidward, however, is unaware the havoc about to happen.
Tea at the Treedome.png "Tea at the Treedome" May 1, 1999
SpongeBob meets a squirrel named Sandy Cheeks and becomes friends with her. Sandy invites him over to her Treedome for a tea, but when SpongeBob arrives, he is surprised to find that there is no water, but he tries to act like he is used to Sandy's air, despite needing water to breathe.
"Bubblestand" July 17, 1999
SpongeBob opens a stand for blowing bubbles, much to Squidward's dismay.
Ripped Pants.jpg "Ripped Pants" July 17, 1999
While in the Goo Lagoon, SpongeBob accidentally rips his pants while trying to impress Sandy Cheeks, causing everyone to laugh hysterically. Feeling embarrassed, SpongeBob sadly leaves, but a fish compliments him for the good laugh, so he use this to his advantage. After some time, he attempts to revive his joke, but fails by driving all his friends away.
"Jellyfishing" July 31, 1999
SpongeBob and Patrick take Squidward, who is recovering from an accident, to "jellyfishing" (a sport involving the capture of jellyfish).
Plankton!.jpg "Plankton!" July 31, 1999
Mr. Krabs' business rival, Plankton takes control SpongeBob's mind in order to find out the secret Krabby Patty formula.
Naughty Nautical Neighbors.jpg
"Naughty Nautical Neighbors" August 7, 1999
Squidward causes SpongeBob and Patrick to break their friendship. When they both make him their friend and begin to excessively spend time with him, Squidward devises a plan to get them back together.
Boating School.jpg "Boating School" August 7, 1999
Patrick tries to help SpongeBob pass his boating test.
Pizza Delivery.jpg
"Pizza Delivery" August 14, 1999
A customer asks for a pizza from the Krusty Krab, so Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob and Squidward to deliver it.
Home Sweet Pineapple.jpg "Home Sweet Pinapple" August 14, 1999
When his house is eaten by Nematodes, SpongeBob unwillingly decides to move back with his parents. Squidward happily agrees but Patrick does everything he can to keep him from leaving.
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.jpg
"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" August 21, 1999
SpongeBob and Patrick discover that their favorite television superheroes, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, live in Shady Shoals, a retirement home on the other side of Bikini Bottom. They try to convince the crime-fighting duo to come out of retirement through several different tactics.
Pickles.jpg "Pickles" August 21, 1999
After thinking he forgot the pickles on a Krabby Patty, SpongeBob loses his confidence to the point where he cannot even do simple tasks anymore.
Hall Monitor.jpg
"Hall Monitor" August 28, 1999
Mrs. Puff chooses SpongeBob to be hall monitor of the day at boating school. After accepting his role as hall monitor, SpongeBob spends the entire day giving an acceptance speech. Out of pity, Mrs. Puff allows SpongeBob to wear the uniform for the rest of the day, but he still thinks that he has all the responsibilities in Bikini Bottom. He sets out to aid the citizens but only ends up causing terror and chaos in town.
Jellyfish Jam.jpg "Jellyfish Jam" August 28, 1999
SpongeBob brings home a wild jellyfish and throws a big party. However, the wild jellyfish continues to party, even after SpongeBob has gone to bed.
Sandy's Rocket.jpg
"Sandy's Rocket" September 17, 1999
Sandy and SpongeBob plan on going to the moon (after he insisted and convinced her), but SpongeBob and Patrick decide to sneak into the rocket to "alien-proof" it. While doing so, they accidentally start up the rocket and crash-land back in Bikini Bottom. Thinking they are on the moon, they capture different inhabitants of Bikini Bottom, thinking they are the "aliens".
Squeaky Boots.jpg "Squeaky Boots" September 17, 1999
Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob a pair of squeaky boots after his daughter, Pearl, refuses to take them. SpongeBob enjoys them and their squeaky sound so much that Mr. Krabs is driven crazy.
Nature Pants.jpg
"Nature Pants" September 11, 1999
SpongeBob decides he wants to live with jellyfish so he goes to live in Jellyfish Fields.
Opposite Day.jpg "Opposite Day" September 11, 1999
Squidward wants to move away from his neighborhood, but realizes that nobody would want to live next to SpongeBob. He tells SpongeBob that it's Opposite Day, and they act the opposite of what they are on that day.
Culture Shock.jpg
"Culture Shock" September 18, 1999
When the Krusty Krab is losing customers, Squidward has the idea of hosting a talent show. SpongeBob wishes to be in it but instead, Squidward has him clean up after the show.
FUN.jpg "F.U.N." September 18, 1999
SpongeBob is convinced that Plankton isn’t evil, just lonely, so he befriends him.
MuscleBob BuffPants.jpg
"MuscleBob BuffPants" October 2, 1999
Since SpongeBob is too much of a wimp to work out, he orders blow-up muscle arms so he can look strong.
Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost.jpg "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost" October 2, 1999
SpongeBob and Patrick think they have killed Squidward when they find a shell loged in the head of a wax replica of him. When the real Squidward appears after taking a bath, he is covered in powder, causing SpongeBob and Patrick to think he is a ghost.
The Chaperone.jpg
"The Chaperone" March 8, 2000
SpongeBob is asked to take Pearl to her school prom after she was dumped by her boyfriend.
Employee of the Month.png "Employee of the Month" March 8, 2000
SpongeBob gets scared that Squidward will win the Employee of the Month award and break his ongoing record of 26 consecutive wins.
Scaredy Pants.jpg
"Scaredy Pants" October 28, 1999
SpongeBob wants to scare everybody in Bikini Bottom because they say he's too easily scared, so he dresses as the Flying Dutchman.
I Was a Teenage Gary.png "I Was a Teenage Gary" October 28, 1999
SpongeBob trusts Squidward to take good care of Gary while he goes to a jellyfishing convention. However, Squidward just abandons him. As SpongeBob returns, Squidward realizes that the snail has not eaten for three days and finds him sick. SpongeBob calls the veterinarian, who gives him a syringe containing snail plasma. The plasma is accidentally injected into SpongeBob's nose turning SpongeBob into a snail.
"SB-129" December 31, 1999
Squidward flees to the Krusty Krab in search of quiet from SpongeBob and Patrick but traps himself in the freezer. When he finally thaws, he finds himself 2,000 years in the future and is desperate to get back.
Karate Choppers.jpg "Karate Choppers" December 31, 1999
SpongeBob and Sandy are practicing karate, but Mr. Krabs forbids him from using karate as it prevents him from working for a longer time.
Sleepy Time.png
"Sleepy Time" January 17, 2000
When SpongeBob goes to sleep, his consciousness ventures into his friend's dreams.
Suds.jpg "Suds" January 17, 2000
SpongeBob gets a bad case of the "suds" from leaving his refrigerator open.
Valentine's Day.jpg
"Valentine's Day" February 14, 2000
SpongeBob and Sandy set up a Valentine's Day treat for Patrick, a hot-air balloon made completely of chocolate at a Valentine's-Day-themed park. Unfortunately, their plan goes wrong and SpongeBob is forced to give Patrick a handshake.
The Paper.jpg "The Paper" February 14, 2000
Squidward unwraps a piece of gum, throwing the wrapper away. SpongeBob rescues it and uses it as a source of entertainment. Squidward decides that he wants the paper back and trades everything he owns with SpongeBob for the paper.
"Arrgh!" March 15, 2000
SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs play a board game based on the Legend of the Flying Dutchman. Mr. Krabs likes the game so much that he wants to go on a real treasure hunt.
Rock Bottom.jpg "Rock Bottom" March 15, 2000
After a delightful day at Glove World, SpongeBob and Patrick take the wrong bus home and end up in Rock Bottom.
"Texas" March 22, 2000
Sandy is homesick. SpongeBob is determined to cheer her up by organizing a surprise, Texas-themed party at the Krusty Krab. However, when they go to fetch Sandy, she is leaving Bikini Bottom to go to Texas and they desperately try to get her to stay.
Walking Small.jpg "Walking Small" March 22, 2000
Wanting to build The Mega Bucket on the beach of Goo Lagoon, Plankton tricks SpongeBob into driving everybody away from the beach by teaching him to be aggressive.
Fools in April.png
"Fools in April" April 1, 2000
SpongeBob plays harmless April Fool's jokes on everyone, but Squidward plays one very mean and painful joke on him. After the crowd angrily scrutinizes the cruel joke, Squidward tries to apologize to SpongeBob.
Neptune's Spatula.png "Neptune's Spatula" April 1, 2000
While at the Fry Cook Museum, SpongeBob pulls a legendary spatula out of a bucket of grease, summoning King Neptune. He isn't pleased to find that SpongeBob is the one destined to be his eternal fry cook.
"Hooky" February 23, 2001 (or earlier)
Mr. Krabs comes into the Krusty Krab warning everybody of the fishing hooks in town. Patrick encourages SpongeBob to play on them, thinking they are not dangerous and are covered with free cheese.
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II.png "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II" March 3, 2001
SpongeBob wins a conch shell that can call his favorite superheroes in emergencies. However, SpongeBob's definition of "emergency" is drastically different than Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's.

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The list below is ordered per the episodes' production codes, rather than the packaging order as used above.


  • The pilot episode, "Help Wanted", was excluded from The Complete 1st Season DVD set due to copyright issues with the song "Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight". It was eventually included as a bonus episode on The Complete 3rd Season set, and later reinstated in its proper spot on The First 100 Episodes set.

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