"SpongeGuard On Duty" is the second segment of the 41st episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


At Goo Lagoon, SpongeBob and Patrick are sunbathing. SpongeBob remarks on how cool Larry the Lifeguard is, and SpongeBob fantasizes about how "cool" it would be if he was a lifeguard, but Patrick doesn't agree, disliking lifeguards. SpongeBob then says that he's "just as cool as Larry". SpongeBob claims that if he is not as "cool" as Larry, that he will be struck by "a flying ice cream truck. AND LIVE!" Larry helps him up after the truck actually falls on him and notices vanilla ice cream on his nose. Thinking that it's sunscreen, and that therefore he is a lifeguard, he offers SpongeBob to help him with his lifeguard duties.

As a lifeguard, SpongeBob becomes very popular and does many fun activities. However, when Larry hears Bill drowning and saves him, SpongeBob realizes that being a lifeguard is much more than giving ice cream and sitting in a tower, but that it also means that he has to guard other people's lives. Larry suddenly leaves for a tanning booth, leaving SpongeBob, who can't swim, in charge of the beach. SpongeBob then imagines all the fish dead in a graveyard in the goo, and then alerts all the fish to an "emergency" that is not even going on. When everybody asks, confused as to what the "emergency" is, SpongeBob, forgetting that sharks are sea animals too, improvises and states that the "emergency" is a shark attack. A Sea Monster says that they are the ones he is referring to. Then he announces that there is a sea monster, but a sea monster then emerges from the crowd, slapping SpongeBob with his tail fin after explaining how impolite he is to sea monsters and everybody then knows that there is no emergency.

SpongeBob begins panicking when he sees everyone playing in the water in a dangerous way, such as people splashing each other, people water skiing on top of each other, two kids playing with a ball inside of Billy the killer whale's mouth, and Frank throwing Scooter into a rock. SpongeBob then lures everyone out of the water with ice cream. After they eat it, he tells them that they now have to wait one hour before going back in the water and binds them with police tape. Thinking that everyone is safe, SpongeBob settles down to relax. However, the beach guests get upset at this and one fish states that Larry is a better lifeguard than SpongeBob is. SpongeBob announces that he gave them ice cream, and Larry never did. However, after emerging from a bathroom, Patrick mistakenly looks for ice cream after SpongeBob says "ice cream" through a megaphone, crosses the tape after he sees the words on it as "Ice Cream", when it really is "Do Not Cross", and goes into the water, where he gets cramps and starts drowning. When other fish get alerted to this, SpongeBob initially refuses to believe that someone is drowning, but he eventually sees Patrick and tries to find a way to save him without going in the water. He reaches Patrick using a boatmobile he "borrowed" from the parking lot, but Patrick destroys it and they both start drowning. Larry then comes back and "saves" them from the ankle deep water. Larry asks if SpongeBob is a real lifeguard, to which SpongeBob replies "No." At the end of the episode, Larry is seen teaching the two how to swim, and they both get butt cramps, and Patrick still don't have his ice cream, much to his dismay.

Home video releases

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeGuard on Duty
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeGuard on Duty
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 3rd Season
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The First 100 Episodes


  • This episode was formerly called "LifeguardBob HelpPants" and "Summer of Sponge".
  • Annette refers to Evelyn with blonde hair.
  • On TV Guide, the date for this episode is not listed.
  • Even though SpongeBob and Patrick live underwater, this episode, ironically, shows that they cannot swim.
  • When SpongeBob hands out ice cream, Nat Peterson is shown with a red popsicle. In the next shot of him, the popsicle is blue.
  • Nancy Suzy Fish is seen leaving with Larry for his tanning, but is again seen later sharing a hotdog with Gus.
  • This is the only time a sea monster has ever appeared in the series, besides the fish that can be interpreted as sea monsters in Rock Bottom (episode).
  • SpongeBob says "Ladies and gentlemen of the lagoon is closed". This is not proper grammar.
  • A clip of SpongeBob sucking up all of the water is used in a 2012 General Mills commercial to advertise their SpongeBob squirters in specially marked boxes of their cereal.
  • Larry is shown as lifeguard again in the Season 6 episode A Life in a Day.
  • This is the third time someone drowns at a beach even though the show takes place underwater. The first time was Ripped Pants (Although SpongeBob did not actually drown), and the second was Bubble Buddy.
  • Interestingly, while at the beginning, SpongeBob was shown struggling with a barbell made of two soda cups, yet later, he was shown capable of lifting an entire boat and holding it up with one hand.
  • Both of Larry's parents are fish, although Larry is a lobster. This may mean Larry was adopted.


  • When Larry lifts the board with the people on it, two of them fall off face first.
  • The old man who Larry tells to leave (and who is implied to be Larry's father) reappears in a later scene.
  • When SpongeBob raises his arms to call the people for ice cream, he never lowers his arms as he gives it to them.
  • After everyone at the Goo Lagoon go back into the water, two shark fins are swimming around a beachgoer, despite the fact that the only sharks mentioned were an actual family of them, meaning that SpongeBob was right about there being sharks, although it might have just been the shark family swimming like real sharks.
  • When the crowd is looking up at the lifeguard tower when SpongeBob calls everyone out, Annette doesn't have any hair. It is not Evelyn, however, because in the next shot and for the rest of the episode, Annette has her hair back.
  • SpongeBob's nose changed color everytime Patrick hit him with the anchor.
  • When SpongeBob sees that Patrick is drowning, he breaks the lens of his binoculars. After Patrick finishes shouting, the lens were back.
  • When Patrick comes out of the Port 'O Head, there is toilet paper on his shorts. When he gets near the lagoon, the toilet paper is gone.
  • In scene when Larry saves Bill, a crowd of fish are worried. However, Bill was in the crowd.
  • When SpongeBob hands out ice cream, White Fish is shown with a pink ice cream. In the next shot of him, the popsicle is white.

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