"Squid's Visit" is the first segment of the 117th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


SpongeBob really wants Squidward to visit his house, but Squidward doesn't. Squidward says that he likes the comfort of his own home. SpongeBob then makes his house exactly like Squidward's so Squidward will finally visit. He than steals Squidward's vacuum cleaner so Squidward will come to take it back. Squidward then gets lost in SpongeBob's house looking for the vacuum cleaner. He finds the vacuum, but when he goes outside, he sees that his house had vaporized due to a fire. Squidward had forgotten to bring the casserole which was later on fire and caused Squidward's house to burn up. SpongeBob then told Squidward to stay at his house.


  • Despite Squidward's claims to have never visited SpongeBob's house or called SpongeBob, he has in fact done both of these.

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