"Squid Wood" is the second segment of the 79th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. It was first released on the SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 2 DVD set before airing on television in the United States.


SpongeBob repeatedly annoys Squidward by asking Squidward if he wants to play, but every time Squidward says "No!," SpongeBob thinks he wants to play later every time he says that. After SpongeBob asks Squidward to play a numerous number of games with him, Squidward loses his temper and yells at SpongeBob, "...I will never play with you...EVEEEEERRR!!!" After throwing him down a hole (which SpongeBob drilled when he entered that bathroom) and covering it with his fridge, SpongeBob still thinks Squidward doesn't want to play yet. He runs to his house and creates a wooden, mini-version of Squidward, and calls him "Mini Squid." After hearing that Mini Squid will be playing with SpongeBob if Squidward doesn't want, Squidward becomes incredibly enlightened.

While SpongeBob and Mini Squid play Charades, Patrick walks by and thinks the Mini Squid is Squidward, and also thinks he's gotten smaller and shaved his beard, even though Squidward doesn't have a beard, confusing SpongeBob and Mini Squid.

At the Krusty Krab, Squidward tells a joke to two customers, but they don't laugh because of his mood while telling the joke. As SpongeBob and Mini Squid come in, the two customers start to favor him. Squidward takes a customer's order, but he doesn't like his attitude. Mini Squid takes Squidward's job as Cashier and takes the customer's order, and the customer likes his attitude. SpongeBob cooks the patties and Mini Squid delivers them to the customers. He tells Squidward's joke to the customers and they laugh because of his happy mood while telling the joke. Squidward starts to get mad at Mini Squid for stealing his joke. A lady wants to give Mini Squid a $300 tip. Squidward takes his hat and his job back, but Mr. Krabs tells him that he prefers Mini Squid because he's making him plenty of money and changes Squidward's job to dish washer.

Soon, Mini Squid starts impressing the customers with some dance moves. Squidward realizes that they were his moves and starts to dance, but the customers finds him lacking talent. Mini Squid and customers soon start dancing like jellyfish. Afterwards, Squidward gets mad at Mini Squid for stealing his life and starts squeezing him, bashing him, stomping him, and mauling him. Suddenly, a man tells Squidward to stop mauling the head of his "new client". Squidward realizes the man is a producer that represents his favorite clarinet player. Squidward thought he was there to sign him up, but the producer takes Mini Squid. He's offering Mini Squid a $1,000,000 contract and a sequined suit. Squidward tries to impress him, but fails with the agent essentially telling him that he will never become famous. SpongeBob bids goodbye to his new friend.

Squidward starts to sob because Mini Squid stole his dream, but realizes he'll never see him again. SpongeBob then picks up a wooden, mini-version of himself. The two start laughing after each other, much to the dismay of Squidward.

Home video releases

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 2
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The First 100 Episodes
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Fourth Season


  • This episode's plot is similar to the CatDog episode "Dummy Dummy".
  • The music that is playing as "Mini-Squidward" dances is - "The Thieving Magpie" La Gazza Ladra (overture) by Gioachino Rossini.
  • This episode aired with "The Krusty Sponge" during the original airing and initial repeats, but has since been re-airing with "The Pink Purloiner."
  • Two clips of this episode were shown three weeks before it aired.
  • Squidward puppets were previously featured in "The Paper" and "Wormy".
  • The German title for this episode is "Mini-Thaddäus". In Greek, it is known as "Μίνι-Καλαμάρης". In French, it is known as "Mini-Carlo". In Spanish-speaking countries, it is known as "Mini-Calamardo", and in the Netherlands, it is called "Mini-Octo". All of these titles mean "Mini-Squidward."
    • In addition, if English viewers visited the site before the English version aired, they could have watched the entire episode (although in German) months before the English episode was released. The episode was soon removed from the site.
  • Mini Squid was originally going to look like the Squidward carving in "Dumped," but he now looks like a ventriloquist's dummy.
  • To distract the customers from the better talent of Mini-Squidward, Squidward walks in a way similar to the Goose-step.
  • When the two Krabby Patties were on the grill, they already had their buns, condiments, and everything else that goes on a finished hamburger, after it is off the grill.
  • This is one of the episodes that SpongeBob's garage can be seen.
  • This is also one of the few episodes featuring Squidward's library. Another example is "I ♥ Dancing."
  • This episode may take place before "Best Day Ever" because Mini-SpongeBob can be seen in that episode.

Cultural references

"Duck-Duck Hermit Crab" is a reference of the game Duck-Duck Goose.

  • "Squidward Says" is a reference of the game Simon Says.
  • "Sleeping Sea Lions" is a reference of the game Sleeping Lions.
  • 12 Angry Jellyfish is a reference to 12 Angry Men.
  • The Clammy Awards are a reference to the Grammy Awards.
  • "Squid Wood" is a pronunciation parody on Squidward's name, but may be also a reference to the infamous film director Ed Wood.


  • When SpongeBob appears outside Squidward's window, there is no shade, but Squidward pulls down a shade in the next scene. When he gets out of the bathtub, it is gone again.
  • When Squidward is still flat, his clothes are not on, but when Squidward knocks on SpongeBob's door, he has clothes on.
  • When Nancy Suzy Fish wants to give Mini Squidward $300, Mini Squidward's eyes are colored white. In the next scene, his eyes are back to yellow again.
  • In one scene of this episode, when Patrick sees SpongeBob's puppet, SpongeBob's pineapple is seen colored red.
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