The Pickles' father and husband is a long-time inventor of various children's toys. He started doing this because of his infant son, whom he thought would enjoy playing with new toys from his father. However, malfunctions usually occur with his inventions, or else they scare the kids. Stu is a fun filled kid in an adult body. His favorite pastime is inventing. Aside from inventing and playing with his sons, he's mostly seen arguing with his older brother Drew. Drew and Didi tend to scold him for not getting a more dependable job to help support his family.

He doesn't seem to like manual labor, when he once got a job selling lard. He showed a great disdain for it. Like the others he does tend to tire of his father's over exaggerated stories. He does love his family dearly and does go to many lengths to keep them happy, even at his own expense.


Stu's job appears to be that of a toy maker using the basement of the Pickles home to create his latest invention. Theses inventions usually backfire horribly causing more havoc than help. The toys he creates are often seen by the Rugrats to be evil. This is specially the case with Stu's Mr. Friend doll which scares the Rugrats so much they end up destroying the toy.


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