Stuart talks to the viewers about he's a checkout guy

Stuart is an All That sketch featuring Stuart (played by Mark Saul), a deranged individual who took on minimum wage jobs (one episode even had him taking over Ask Ashley) and believed (incorrectly) that he was the best person ever to do that job. Stuart's antics ranged from incompetent (such as a postman destroying a fragile parcel), to bizarre (such as a yearbook photographer using an iguana instead of a camera), to surreal (such as suddenly believing he is the customer, and asking the real customer for assistance). When his customers complained, his answers were nonsensical, and he frequently made animal noises, ate inedible things, spoke to inanimate objects and broke into dance. Eventually, it would emerge that Stuart had tied up and replaced the real person of that job. They appear out of nowhere with an officer saying "That's him! He tied me up and took my uniform!" When someone asks Stuart did he tie up the real person, he ends with a monologue that would go along the lines of "Fine, I'm not the real ____. I'm just a guy, named Stuart. But you know, if I was the real ____, I'd be the greatest ____ in ALL THE LAND! And everyone would come up to me and say, 'Oh, Stuart. You're the best ____ EVERRRR! You all sicken me! Now I'm just gonna climb on my ____ and go", before making his escape on an imaginary animal.

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