SwaySway is a tall, thin duck who comes from a line of bread delivery ducks. SwaySway pilots the rocket van with his best friend (or "best bap"), Buhdeuce. He is in love with a nonspeaking duck named Jenny Quackles. His signature move is "party punch," where his fist enlarges prior to launching off his arm and deflating once it hits its target.


"SwaySway is a wild and quazy guy who loves to shake his tail feathers and deliver bread with his best bud Buhdeuce. He comes from a long line of BREADWINNERS, and now he’s proud to carry on the family tradition of getting bread UP IN YO BEAK! He doesn’t always use the best judgment, but he’s an expert when it comes to flying the rocket van – and crashing it! Even when the rocket van is busted up and their bread is totally toast, he never gives up!"


SwaySway wears a trademark blue cap, with a slice of bread on it. He has blonde hair and green feathers. He is tall and thin. He wears a white v-neck t-shirt that shows his belly, blue shorts, white socks with with a blue stripe, and black shoes.


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