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TEENick was a teen-oriented television programming block that aired on Nickelodeon. The block launched on March 4, 2001,[1] and lasted until February 8, 2009. TEENick aired on Sunday nights from 6-9 p.m. ET/PT and, beginning in 2004, began to also air on Saturday nights from 8-10 p.m. ET/PT (replacing the popular SNICK block that started in 1992). It was originally hosted by Nick Cannon, and then by Jason Everhart (aka "J. Boogie").

"TEENick" and "The N" had a programming block "TEENick" on The N. It aired on January 16, 2007 and then lasted until May 12, 2007, but then returned on March 1, 2008. The block included shows such as Romeo!, Just Jordan, iCarly, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Drake & Josh, All That, The Amanda Show, Zoey 101, Mr. Meaty and All Grown Up!. On August 3, 2009, TEENick was dropped from The N again.

The TEENick name was discontinued in February 8, 2009 to give a separation of time between the block's end and the September 28, 2009 launch of TeenNick, the replacement name for "The N", a 24-hour network which had progressed from taking half of the broadcasting day on Noggin from 2002-2009 to eventually becoming its own network at the end of 2007 under the former 1999-2007 (2009 on Dish Network) channel space of Nickelodeon Games and Sports for Kids. Nickelodeon continued to air new episodes of live-action series on Saturday nights like iCarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush, How to Rock, You Gotta See This, Supah Ninjas and Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures without any theme branding. In Fall 2012, the final episodes of iCarly and Victorious, new episodes of Big Time Rush, How to Rock and You Gotta See This was branded as part of Nick's newest Saturday block Gotta See Saturdays, which airs Saturday mornings and nights.[2]


Shows are listed by the time they were on TEENick during its run as a programming block on Nickelodeon.

Final programming

Show title Original run TEENick run Episode count
Drake & Josh 2004–2007 2004–2009 57 (+3 TV films)
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide 2004-2007 2004-2009 55
Zoey 101 2005–2008 2005–2009 65
H2O 2006–2012 2006–2009 39
The Naked Brothers Band 2007–2009 2007–2009 40 (+2 Specials)
iCarly 2007-2012 2007-2009 109
The Troop 2009-2013 2009 40
True Jackson, VP 2008–2011 2008–2009 60

Former programming

Title TEENick run
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 2001-2005
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 2001
Are You Afraid of the Dark? 2001
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper 2001
The Secret World of Alex Mack 2001
Kenan & Kel 2001-2003
100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd 2001-2003
Caitlin's Way 2001-2003
Cousin Skeeter 2001-2003
The Brothers Garcia 2001-2006
Clarissa Explains it All 2001
Taina 2001-2003
Invader Zim 2001-2002
The Amanda Show 2001-2007
The Nick Cannon Show 2002-2003
All That 2002-2006
As Told by Ginger 2002-2004
Clueless 2003
All Grown Up! 2003-2004
My Life as a Teenage Robot 2003-2004
Romeo! 2003-2006
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide 2004-2007
Unfabulous 2004-2007
Mr. Meaty 2006-2007
Just Jordan 2007-2008
Dance on Sunset 2008
Just for Kicks 2006


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