In the game show called Legends of the Hidden Temple, these were are Aztec soldiers that protect Olmec's Temple and main antagonists of the series. During Season 1, one was often found in the Cave of Sighs, leaving contestants at a disadvantage as they would either lose a pendant early on or be taken out if they didn't have one but later they were moved to random places further in the temple, usually in the Dark Forest, the Throne Room or the Heart Room.


Their goal is to each hide in a separate room (three of them) and catch a team's team mate without a pendant of life and either remove theme from Olmec's Temple or, if they have one, take the pendant away and allow them to go on. If the player aquire's each show's treasure found in one of Temple's rooms, they "disappear" and the locked doors will open, allowing the contestant to leave the temple.

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