"The Abrasive Side" is the first segment of the 147th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


SpongeBob is waiting at the bus stop to go to Glove World. He promised Patrick that they would be first in line, and to be first to get on the bus. Then a lot of fish come and cut in front of him. Patrick comes and asks SpongeBob why he is not first (like he promised). Sandy comes and asks SpongeBob to do "Operation Acorn Smoothie", so Patrick goes to Glove World without SpongeBob. After that, he returns to the bus stop, but then Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob to say "no" to Pearl about the new shoes. He then goes back to the bus stop and helps his grandmother cross the road. Patrick returns and tells SpongeBob that sometimes he just has to say no, then asks SpongeBob to scratch his back.

Later, SpongeBob is shown at his house crying. Gary then goes to a catalog and orders something for SpongeBob. The package, an "Abrasive Sponge", arrives, and SpongeBob sticks it on his back. He goes out and a fish asks him to carry his groceries for him. His body switches 180 degrees, showing the abrasive side and says "Carry it yourself, fish-face" for SpongeBob. He does the same for Larry, Grandma, and Sandy. He then goes into the Krusty Krab, where Mr. Krabs asks him to do a 17=hour extra shift. SpongeBob says yes, but then his abrasive side says no, unless Krabs pays for overtime. Mr. Krabs goes to his office to look up the meaning for "overtime" - then is shocked that SpongeBob could use such a "disgusting" word. SpongeBob goes home and Squidward says not to annoy him. SpongeBob's abrasive side says the complete opposite that SpongeBob would normally say, then Squidward gets happy and hugs him, saying, "You don't know how long I have waited to hear those words."

Patrick then tells him it's time for their play-date. SpongeBob talks and so does his abrasive side, confusing Patrick, eventually scaring Patrick into believing that SpongeBob's face is haunted. SpongeBob goes into his house to the bathroom and stares into the mirror, and realizes whats wrong - that his abrasive side is getting out of control. He asks Patrick and Mr. Krabs for help, but his abrasive side gets the best of him. He goes to Sandy for help, then explains what happened and why he got an abrasive side. Sandy then rips it off his back, and then puts it in a box labelled "Return to sender" and puts it in the mailbox. SpongeBob then remembers to go say sorry to Grandma, only to find out that Grandma has got an abrasive side now too.

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