The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
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The following is a list of episodes in the third season of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

From "The N-Men" onward, the show's intro sequence was changed to include a new assortment of clips and also added Libby to the group when the logo comes up at the end.

For some reason, episodes 56, 57, 58, and 61 have never re-aired on the NickToons network. However, "Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?", "Flippy", "King of Mars" and "How to Sink a Sub" were all aired as part of an all-night Jimmy Neutron marathon on TeenNick's NickRewind block on February 23, 2020.


Ep. # Image Title Original air date (United States)
"Lights! Camera! Danger!" November 27, 2004
Jimmy and his friends make a movie with a director who is actually a disguised Professor Calamitous out to destroy them.
"Fundemonium" May 24, 2005
Hugh becomes a toy inventor so the Neutrons won't have to move, but he uses Jimmy's nanobots as batteries for one toy, and it causes chaos.
"Stranded" May 26, 2005
The romance is revealed between Jimmy and Cindy when they spend three days stranded on an island.
"Jimmy Goes to College" May 27, 2005
Jimmy becomes a college student because he is on college level, compared to the other students in his school, but is made fun of.
Who's Your Mommy Title Card.png
"Who's Your Mommy?" June 20, 2005
An alien substance attaches itself to Carl's face and Carl has to take care of it.
Clash of the Cousins (Title Card).png "Clash of the Cousins" June 20, 2005
Jimmy finds out that there's an evil genius in his family. He finds out that it's the family baby and he wants to kill the family for their money.
"Attack of the Twonkies" November 11, 2004
The school adopts "twonkies", sweet little creatures who hate music, and they all cause chaos.
"The N-Men" November 27, 2004
After being zapped in the Van Patten Radiator Belt, Jimmy and his friends get mutant powers. When the army locks Jimmy's friends up, Jimmy becomes so fed up with Cindy's insults that he transforms into a hulking monster.
The Tomorrow Boys (Title Card).jpg
"The Tomorrow Boys" June 17, 2005
Jimmy and his friends travel to a bad future where Libby is the dictator of the world! So Jimmy and his friends have to get back the gift they gave to Libby for her birthday, before she becomes dictator of the world in the future.
My Big Fat Spy Wedding.jpg
"My Big Fat Spy Wedding" July 22, 2005
Jet Fusion and Beautiful Gorgeous become engaged, and Jimmy, Carl and Sheen try to find out what Gorgeous is actually planning.
C J, H S.jpg
"Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen" November 18, 2005
Sheen searches for a Kung-Fu master at Shangri Llama so he can become the new chosen one, after Libby finds herself kidnapped by a group of ninjas.
"The Incredible Shrinking Town" January 23, 2006
Jimmy accidentally shrinks everyone in town, and things get worse when the Space Bandits arrive.
One of Us (Title Card).jpg
"One of Us" January 24, 2006
A TV show called The Happy Show Show is turning the citizens of Retroville into emotionless, cheerful zombies.
Vanishing Act Title.jpg "Vanishing Act" January 24, 2006
Jimmy visits the Great Spamdini in the magic world.
"The Trouble with Clones" January 25, 2006
The evil Jimmy clone from "Send in the Clones" tries to destroy earth, so the cloned earth that he created will become the new earth.
"The Evil Beneath" January 26, 2006
The boys travel to the Bahama Quadrangle, to disprove the myth of the disappearances associated with the mysterious site. Their search brings them to the secret underwater laboratory of the insane genius Dr. Moist, who has been abducting unsuspecting travelers and turning them into Algae Men.
Title-CarlWheezerBoyGenius.jpg "Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius" January 26, 2006
Carl pretends to be a boy genius so he can impress his pen pal from Sweden, and makes Jimmy his lowly assistant. Carl starts milking the moment and puts all of his friends in danger.
Who Framed Jimmy Neutron.jpg
"Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?" January 27, 2006
Jimmy tries to find the fiend who was framing him for stealing a large sum of money.
Flippy - Title Card.png "Flippy" January 27, 2006
Hugh creates a puppet for career day and Jimmy thinks he has no chance. So he places a chip in the puppet and makes it funny, but it actually gets a mind of its own.
"El Magnifico" November 25, 2006
Jimmy turns Sheen's dad into a superhero.
Titlecard - Best In Show.jpg "Best in Show" November 25, 2006
Goddard is eliminated from a pet show because he is not a real dog. He runs away, causing Jimmy to miss him.
King Of Mars (Title Card).png
"King of Mars" November 25, 2006
Eustace Strytch attempts to take over Mars.
"The League of Villains" June 18, 2005
King Goobot gathers several of Jimmy's enemies and they team up to defeat him once and for all. When Jimmy and Sheen are captured, it's up to Carl, Cindy and Libby to rescue them.
"How to Sink a Sub" November 17, 2006
Jimmy, Carl and Sheen's parents become substitute teachers and start embarrassing their kids, so Jimmy decides to turn the tables.
Lady Sings the News.jpg "Lady Sings the News" November 17, 2006
The kids start a news show, but Libby gets carried away with her gossip.