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The following is a list of all The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episodes.


Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 July 20, 2002 June 13, 2003
2 29 August 1, 2003 July 9, 2004
3 20 November 11, 2004 November 25, 2006



Title Air Date Description
Runaway Rocketboy! September 10, 1998 Jimmy runs away from home after his parents ground him for launching Carl up the roof.

Season 1: 2002-2003

# Title Air Date Description
1 When Pants Attack July 20, 2002 Jimmy makes a nanochip for his pants but it backfires when it gains advanced brainial capacity, and leads an attack on Retroville! Jimmy is left in plaid boxers, Sheen is left in his Ultralord underwear, Carl is left in tighty whiteys, and Cindy is left in her polka-dot panties.
2 Normal Boy September 6, 2002 Jimmy drains his brain because his knowledge annoys the town of Retroville.
Birth of a Salesman In order to beat Cindy in a candy-selling contest, Jimmy creates a robotic salesman.
3 Brobot September 13, 2002 Jimmy feels lonely because everyone seems to have more fun when they're not an only child, so Jimmy makes a brother out of metal and calls it Brobot.
The Big Pinch In order to prove Cindy wrong, Jimmy brings Thomas Edison to the present using his Time Pincher, and ends up not being able to pry him away from Miss Fowl and Thomas Edison refuses to return to his own time.
4 Granny Baby September 20, 2002 Jimmy has to look after his grandma, and invents a chemical that transforms her into a baby.
Time is Money The Neutrons get rich after Jimmy goes back in time to convince his dad to invest in McSpankey's.
5 Raise the Oozy Scab September 27, 2002 Jimmy and his friends encounter a giant squid while trying to find a treasure chest in the sea.
I Dream of Jimmy Carl's strange behavior due to nightmares causes Jimmy and Sheen to go inside his dreams, to see what happens that makes Carl so scared.
6 Jimmy On Ice October 4, 2002 Jimmy's predictions go to hatred when he overfreezes Retroville.
Battle of the Bands The three friends form a rock band so they can beat their arch rivals, Cindy and Libby in the school talent show. The Boys almost beat the girls, but are undone at the last second because of their hyper-inflated egos!
7 See Jimmy Run October 14, 2002 Jimmy invents super-fast shoes so he can beat Cindy in a race.
Trading Faces Jimmy and Cindy switch lives and bodies.
8 Phantom of Retroland October 30, 2002 Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen go to Retroville's highly populated Amusement Park at midnight, so they can prove that a phantom doesn't haunt the place.
My Son, the Hamster Jimmy's atoms are accidentally switched with a hamster's so that he has the head of a boy and the body of a hamster.
9 Hall Monster November 1, 2002 Jimmy becomes the new hall monitor and everyone is afraid of him.
Hypno Birthday to You Jimmy invents a hypno ray to hypnotize his parents into thinking it is his birthday everyday.
10 Krunch Time November 15, 2002 Jimmy invents a candy that turns out to be highly addictive.
Substitute Creature Jimmy's DNA plant turns Ms. Fowl into a 50 ft. tall giant monster.
11 Safety First November 30, 2002 Jimmy invents two Nanobots to defend him from the school bully, but they malfunction and cause chaos.
Crime Sheen Investigation Jimmy helps Sheen find his missing UltraLord action figure.
12 Journey to the Center of Carl January 31, 2003 Everyone hates school so Jimmy invents sick patches to fake sickness, but they actually sink into their bodies and Jimmy and Sheen have to stop the germs in everybody's body.
Aaughh!! Wilderness!! Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen go camping in the wilderness with Hugh, and trouble results.
13 Party at Neutron's February 27, 2003 Jimmy throws a party at his house while his parents are out.
Ultra Sheen Sheen fights alongside his favorite video game character after being transported into it with Jimmy's new invention.
14 Broadcast Blues March 14, 2003 Jimmy wins the honor of hosting his very own TV show, Science with Jimmy, but when the show is a flop, Cindy and Libby step and give the show a makeover. The result, to Jimmy's horror, is Funky Jam Dance Party (With Some Science).
Professor Calamitous, I Presume The bad Professor Finbar Calamitous, who can never finish anything, plots to take over Retroville, with some help from its resident boy genius.
15 The Eggpire Strikes Back April 25, 2003 The evil Yokians return to Retroville and at first they claim that they come in peace, but they really want to use Jimmy's DNA Cloner/Scanner to create a new Poultra and exact revenge.
17 Maximum Hugh May 27, 2003 Hugh gets a sweat band that turns him into a serious athlete so he can beat Cindy and her mother in the picnic games.
Sleepless in Retroville Jimmy is hosting a sleepover with Carl and Sheen! To make it the best slumber party in history, Jimmy invents a machine to make perfect pillows for pillow fights, create made-to-order pizzas, and tell scream-your-head-off scary stories. But what happens if the invention is overloaded and the programs mix up?
18 Make Room for Daddy-O June 6, 2003 Jimmy makes his dad the coolest guy in Retroville, so he won't be embarrassed by others for his father's immature performance.
19 Beach Party Mummy  September 19, 2003 Jimmy and his friends visit real mummies in Egypt so they can abandon watching a boring video in school
20 Sorry, Wrong Era September 5, 2003 Jimmy's new time-travel invention sends him and his friends back two hundred million years..

Season 2: 2003-2004

In contrast to season one, 22 minute episodes became the norm for the show compared to season one. Season two consists of only six episodes of 11 minute shows, compared to nine full 22 minute episodes.

Ep. # Air Date Episode Description
21 A Beautiful Mine August 1, 2003 Jimmy leads his friends on a treasure hunt on an asteroid.
22 The Retroville 9 October 3, 2003 Retroville awaits the greatest baseball team in their town.
Grumpy Young Men Jimmy and his friends become old men to get an M-rated game.
23 Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion October 13, 2003 Jimmy thinks it's cool when he's recruited by a top-secret government agency to become a spy, but what's even more thrilling is joining forces with his action-hero movie idol Jet Fusion, in an effort to save the world from Professor Calamitous and his daughter.
25 Nightmare in Retroville October 29, 2003 Jimmy and friends become real monsters at Halloween.
26 Monster Hunt November 11, 2003 A lake monster threatens Retroville and Jimmy is out to prove it a fake.
Jimmy for President Jimmy runs for president of his class.
27 Return of the Nanobots November 14, 2003 Jimmy upgrades his robots to hunt down his fears once again.
28 Holly Jolly Jimmy December 8, 2003 After accidentally scrambling Santa Claus's atoms, Jimmy must do his job of delivering presents all over the world in one night. Meanwhile, convinced Jimmy's mistake cancelled Christmas, Hugh Neutron invents a replacement holiday, Pule.
29 Love Potion 976/J February 14, 2004 Jimmy creates a love potion, that accidentally causes himself, Carl, and Sheen to fall madly in love with the first girls they see.
30 Sheen's Brain March 8, 2004 Sheen gains an IQ and gets the highest score on a math test in his class, after Jimmy uses his Brain Drain helmet to make him smarter. Sheen then gains Godly powers and plots to destroy all of Retroville.
31 MaternoTron Knows Best March 9, 2004 Jimmy creates a robot to replace his vacationing mother.
Send in the Clones To get out of doing chores, Jimmy creates six different clones of himself so he can go into outer space. But the only thing the clones do right is cause trouble. Jimmy rounds up all the clones and explains everything, but...he's missing one.
32 The Great Egg Heist March 10, 2004 Jimmy and friends rob the Retroville Museum in order to help Professor Calamitous, who is cleverly disguised as a princess.
The Feud A lawn fight occurs between the Neutrons and the Wheezers, and they soon decide that they are sick with each other, which means that Carl and Jimmy are no longer best friends.
33 Out, Darn Spotlight March 11, 2004 Jimmy enters himself in a stage play so he can share the spotlight with Betty.
34 The Junkman Cometh March 12, 2004 Brobot tricks Jimmy, Carl, Sheen and Goddard into visiting him on the moon. When Mombot and Popbot are kidnapped the greedy Junkman, the boys must rescue them.
35 Foul Bull March 26, 2004 Jimmy, Carl and Sheen fall head over heels with a cute cowgirl and decide to im[press her by entering the rodeo she works at.
The Science Fair Affair Jimmy is banned from the science fair.
37 Men at Work June 2, 2004 Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen decide to take jobs at the greatest fast food restaurant in Retroville.
38 The Mighty Wheezers June 7, 2004 Carl and his family turn into powerful super heroes after Jimmy gets sick of their allergies and feeds them a health pill.
Billion Dollar Boy A rich kid wants Jimmy's dog, so he decides to steal his friends with expensive gifts and then challenges Jimmy to deadly robot battle.
39 Win, Lose and Kaboom! July 9, 2004 Jimmy and his friends compete against other planets on an intergalactic game show, in order to protect the Earth.

Season 3: 2004-2006

For some reason, the last four regular-length episodes ("Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?" through "Lady Sings the News") have never been shown on the NickToons network.

Ep. # Air Date Episode Description
42 Lights! Camera! Danger! November 27, 2004 Jimmy and his friends make a movie with an Professor Calamitous, who is in disguise as an evil director who is out to destroy them.
43 Fundemonium May 24, 2005 Hugh becomes a toy inventor so the Neutrons won't have to move, but he uses Jimmy's nanobots as batteries for one toy, and it causes chaos.
44 Stranded May 26, 2005 The romance is revealed between Jimmy and Cindy when they spend three days stranded on an island.
45 Jimmy Goes to College May 27, 2005 Jimmy becomes a college student because he is on college level, compared to the other students in his school, but is made fun of.
46 Who's Your Mommy? June 20, 2005 An alien substance attaches itself to Carl's face and Carl has to take care of it.
Clash of the Cousins Jimmy finds out that there's an evil genius in his family. He finds out that it's the family baby and he wants to kill the family for their money.
47 Attack of the Twonkies November 11, 2004 The school adopts "twonkies", sweet little creatures who hate music, and they all cause chaos.
49 The N-Men November 27, 2004 After being zapped in the Van Patten Radiator Belt, Jimmy and his friends get mutant powers. When the army locks Jimmy's friends up, Jimmy becomes so fed up with Cindy's insults that he transforms into a hulking monster.
50 The Tomorrow Boys June 17, 2005 Jimmy and his friends travel to a bad future where Libby is the dictator of the world! So Jimmy and his friends have to get back the gift they gave to Libby for her birthday, before she becomes dictator of the world in the future.
51 My Big Fat Spy Wedding July 22, 2005 Jet Fusion and Beautiful Gorgeous become engaged, and Jimmy, Carl and Sheen try to find their secret.
52 Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen November 18, 2005 Sheen searches for a Kung-Fu master at Shangri Llama so he can become the new chosen one, after Libby finds herself kidnapped by a group of ninjas.
53 The Incredible Shrinking Town January 23, 2006 Jimmy and his friends spend their life as tiny humans, after the genius accidentally shrinks them and gets them captured by the Space Bandits.
54 One of Us January 24, 2006 A TV show called The Happy Show Show turns the citizens of Retroville into emotionless, cheerful zombies.
Vanishing Act Jimmy visits the Great Spamdini in the magic world.
55 The Trouble with Clones January 25, 2006 The evil Jimmy clone tries to destroy earth, so the cloned earth that he created will become the new earth.
56 The Evil Beneath January 26, 2006 The boys travel to the Bahama Quadrangle, to disprove the myth of the disappearances associated with the mysterious site. Their search brings them to the secret underwater laboratory of the insane genius Dr. Moist, who has been abducting unsuspecting travelers and turning them into Algae Men.
Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius Carl pretends to be a boy genius so he can impress his pen pal from Sweden, and makes Jimmy his lowly assistant. Carl starts milking the moment and puts all of his friends in danger.
57 Who Framed Jimmy Neutron? January 27, 2006 Jimmy tries to find the fiend who was framing him for stealing a large sum of money.
Flippy Hugh creates a puppet for career day and Jimmy thinks he has no chance. So he places a chip in the puppet and makes it funny, but it actually gets a mind of its own.
58 El Magnifico November 25, 2006 Jimmy turns Sheen's dad into a superhero.
Best in Show Goddard is eliminated from a pet show because he is not a real dog. He runs away, causing Jimmy to miss him.
59 King of Mars November 25, 2006 Eustace Strytch attempts to take over Mars.
60 The League of Villains June 18, 2005 King Goobot gathers several of Jimmy's enemies and they team up to defeat him once and for all. When Jimmy and Sheen are captured, it's up to Carl, Cindy and Libby to rescue them.
62 How to Sink a Sub November 17, 2006 Jimmy, Carl and Sheen's parents become substitute teachers and start embarrassing their kids, so Jimmy decides to turn the tables.
Lady Sings the News Jimmy and friends are live as newscasters.

Cancelled Fourth Season

There was supposed to be a season four, but DNA Productions had gone out of business due to the failure of The Ant Bully and production costs before any episodes could be produced. Cancelling Jimmy Neutron was a big loss for the company. There are four scripts finalized, but two of them are in secret until further notice. The fourth season was going to be darker and more serious than the other three. The season premiere episode, "Deep Impacts" would have featured the return of Evil Jimmy. Another episode, "Three's a Crowd" would have been about Cindy, Libby and Betty getting trapped in Jimmy's lab and having to work together to get out. Nick was also set to rejoin the main gang and there would've been more appearances from the League of Villains. It was thought of that the series, in terms of year runs, would've been the third longest running Nicktoon series behind SpongeBob SquarePants and The Fairly OddParents, but the closure of DNA Productions prevented this from doing so.

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