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The following is a list of episodes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete.


Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release
Season premiere Season finale
Specials 5 February 9, 1991 December 1992 May 17, 2005
1 8 November 28, 1993 January 16, 1994
2 13 September 4, 1994 December 4, 1994 November 1, 2005
3 13 October 1, 1995 December 28, 1996 N/A


The original broadcast order is not known. However, "What Would You Do for a Dollar?" and "Freeze Tag" were the two earliest.

  1. "What Would You Do for a Dollar?" — The Petes, Ellen, and a kid named Slurm answer the title question. (Another character named Mr. Slurm would appear in "Tool and Die".)
  2. "Freeze Tag" — Little Pete stays frozen after a night game of stocking freeze tag. Dad is played by another actor, not Hardy Rawls.
  3. "The Launch" — The Petes and Ellen send a rocket into space.
  4. "Mom's Plate" — A brief history of the metal plate in Mom's head.
  5. "Pete-Less" — Ellen is hurt when Big Pete insults her valentine.
  6. "Pete's Theory" — Little Pete is convinced that Santa Claus was the first man to swim the English Channel.
  7. "X-Mas Eve" — The Petes watch Dad open his present (a glow-in-the-dark discus) early and play with it all night.
  8. "X-Ray Man" — Little Pete gains x-ray vision after staring into a lunar eclipse.
  9. "The Burping Room" — Dad, sick of Little Pete's constant burping, builds a special soundproof room.
  10. "Artie, the Strongest Man... in the World!" — A little bit about the Petes' personal superhero.
  11. "Revenge of the Petes" — Artie battles the bully known as Hathead.
  12. "Halloween" — Hathead returns to smash pumpkins. (Themes revisited in "Halloweenie.")
  13. "The Punishment" — Dad punishes Little Pete for waxing the lawn. (Themes revisited in "Grounded for Life.")
  14. "Route 34" — Big Pete gets a horrible summer job mowing the grass along Route 34.
  15. "The Dot" — Ellen is in tears after being yelled at by the marching band instructor. (Themes revisited in "Day of the Dot.")
  16. "The Big Race" — Mr. Wrigley and Mr. Hickle have a race. (Recreated in "Apocalypse Pete.")

Home video shorts

  1. "Artie's Workout" - Created for the Classic Petes VHS.
  2. "StareMaster" - Little Pete offers tips for winning a staring contest.



Note: These episodes, while originally aired before the official run of the series, were modified to resemble regular episodes during the show's run with the addition of the opening credits.

Image # Title Original air date
Title-ValentinesDayMasscare.jpg 0.1 "The Valentine's Day Massacre" February 9, 1991
Big Pete and the school's stadium line painter, Mr. Beverly (whose squid (Edna), the school mascot, Pete has just killed), vie for the love of the math teacher (Ms. Fingerwood). However, Openface (one of Big Pete's archenemies) tries to get the upper hand in his quest for the squid and in helping Mr. Beverly with his love for Ms. Fingerwood. He tries to get Ellen (the Petes' friend) to exploit that exact secret. Mr. Beverly was played by Richard Edson.
No Image.png 0.2 "What We Did On Our Summer Vacation" September 8, 1991
The Petes, aided by Ellen, start a hunt for the elusive ice-cream man Mr. Tastee as the summer comes to a close.

The original non-series version of this episode had music done by REM, Baby Flamehead, Poi Dog Pondering, Ministry, Jody Grind, and Shackwacky.

No Image.png 0.3 "Space, Geeks and Johnny Unitas" 1992
Big Pete and Ellen work on a science project to determine whether alien life exists on Earth, and make a new friend. Pete becomes obsessed with football hero Johnny Unitas and one life-changing play, while Ellen discovers that some things are best left unrevealed.
No Image.png 0.4 "Apocalypse Pete" 1992
Don Wrigley (the Petes' dad) and Mr. Hickle (Ellen's dad) start a prank war, which helps Little Pete and his father get closer while tearing Big Pete and Ellen apart.
No Image.png 0.5 "New Year's Pete" December 1992
Little Pete reflects on a year in which he ultimately failed to achieve his New Year's Resolution of changing the world.

Season One (1993-94)

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# Title Original air date
1 "King of the Road" November 28, 1993
2 "Day of the Dot" December 5, 1993
3 "The Nightcrawlers" December 12, 1993
4 "Range Boy" December 19, 1993
5 "Tool and Die" December 26, 1993
6 "Don't Tread on Pete" January 2, 1994
7 "When Petes Collide" January 9, 1994
8 "Hard Day's Pete" January 16, 1994

Season Two (1994)

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# Title Original air date
9 "Grounded for Life" September 4, 1994
10 "Field of Pete" September 11, 1994
11 "The Call" September 18, 1994
12 "The Big Quiet" September 25, 1994
13 "Time Tunnel" October 2, 1994
14 "Inspector 34" October 16, 1994
15 "Halloweenie" October 9, 1994
16 "X = Why?" October 23, 1994
17 "On Golden Pete" November 6, 1994
18 "Farewell, My Little Viking" November 13, 1994
19 November 20, 1994
20 "Yellow Fever" November 27, 1994
21 "Sick Day" December 4, 1994

Season Three (1995-96)

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# Title Original air date
22 "35 Hours" October 1, 1995
23 "The Trouble with Teddy" October 8, 1995
24 "The Good, The Bad and The Lucky" October 15, 1995
25 "Splashdown!" October 22, 1995
26 "Dance Fever" November 5, 1995
27 "Crisis in the Love Zone" March 23, 1996
28 "Last Laugh" April 1, 1996
29 "Allnighter" November 23, 1996
30 "Road Warrior" November 30, 1996
31 "Pinned!" December 7, 1996
32 "O' Christmas Pete" December 14, 1996
33 "Das Bus" December 21, 1996
34 "Saturday" December 28, 1996