"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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The April Fool is a wicked practical funny jokester who is the spirit of April Fool's Day, as seen in The Fairly OddParents.

The April Fool is the "embodiment of comedy". Although he is a minor character on the show, he played a big part in the episode "Fool's Day Out". His catchphrase is, "What's up with that?", similar to that of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, on who he is based. He also competed in the Fairy World games. The April Fool is typically seen telling jokes at Uncle Knuckle's Chuckle Bunker.

He wears a tacky yellow plaid jacket with a white shirt and a bow tie, and has black pants with a purple belt. He also wears a distinctive purple jester's hat with bells. He has buck teeth, but unlike Timmy's teeth, his incisors seem to be the onlyteeth on his upper jaw.

Whenever someone begins to laugh before the April Fool says his punchline, his body will become prone to comedy backup (similar to Magical Build-Up in fairies), causing him to inflate like a balloon till he is blown right back to Fairy World. He can also be bribed with Spearmint Gum.

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