The Best of Nicktoons is a compilation album released by Kid Rhino on March 17, 1998. It contains musical highlights from all of the Nicktoons that had been produced up to that point (with the exception of Doug, as it had been bought and revived by Disney). The theme song to the then-upcoming CatDog is listed as a "bonus track" on the back cover.

Between the songs from each show, sound clips of Nickelodeon network spots are presented.

The versions of "Happy Happy Joy Joy" and "Kilted Yaksmen Anthem" featured on this album are the same versions from You Eediot! "Ren's Pecs", another song from the same album, is also featured. Studio recordings were used for all the songs from Rugrats, Real Monsters, and Angry Beavers, as well as the KaBlam! theme song and all but one of the Hey Arnold! tracks, but "Haunted Train Blues", the two other KaBlam! songs, and all the songs from Rocko's Modern Life appear to be sound clips taken directly from the episodes they were featured in.

The lyrics to each song are enclosed in the album's packaging. Confusingly, the printed lyrics (which even include spoken dialogue) do not specify which characters sing which lines.

Track listing

# Series Title From the episode
1 Nick On-Air Music Nick Nick Nick N/A
2 3-D Laughing Boy Open
3 Rugrats Theme from Rugrats
4 Rugrats Rap
5 Reptar Cereal Theme "Incident in Aisle Seven"
6 I'm Just a Dinosaur "Reptar on Ice"
7 Where Oh Where is Reptar?
8 Rugrats Rock N/A
9 End Credits Theme from Rugrats
10 Nick On-Air Music Nick Video Open
11 KaBlam! Theme from KaBlam!
12 Thunder Girl Flying "It's Flavoriffic!"
13 The KaBlammy Song "Resistance Is Futile!"
14 Nick On-Air Music Nick-o-Las Tell Underture N/A
15 The Ren & Stimpy Show Theme from The Ren & Stimpy Show (Dog Pound Hop)
16 Happy Happy Joy Joy "Stimpy's Invention"
17 Ren's Pecs N/A
18 Log Commercial "Stimpy's Big Day"
19 Kilted Yaksmen Anthem "The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen"
20 Nick On-Air Music Calling Cades N/A
21 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Theme from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
22 Misery Date "Misery Date"
23 Grand Master Ickis "Fear, Thy Name Is Ickis"
24 Nick On-Air Music Artman Open N/A
25 The Angry Beavers Theme from The Angry Beavers
26 Beach Beaver (A Go Go) "Beach Beavers A-Go-Go"
27 I Think I Like You "Bummer of Love"
28 Nick On-Air Music Back to the Roots N/A
29 Hey Arnold! Theme from Hey Arnold!
30 Haunted Train Blues "Haunted Train"
31 Smashed "The Old Building"
32 Look Up "The List"
33 The Simple Things "Mr. Hyunh Goes Country"
34 Nick On-Air Music Multipurpose Nick Days N/A
35 Rocko's Modern Life Theme from Rocko's Modern Life
36 Wallaby of the West "The Good, the Bad, and the Wallaby"
37 Spelling Song "Zanzibar"
38 Spring Cleaning
39 Nick On-Air Music Orange You Glad N/A
40 Sign Off!
41 CatDog Theme from CatDog

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