"The Boss Of Me" is the first segment of the one hundred-first episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Timmy is excited to go to his dad's office for "Bring your kid to work day," because he will miss school, but Dad rented a kid to cause a good impression on his boss, Mr. Ed Leadly. But when the rented guy leaves because Dad's check didn't work, Timmy can go. We finally see Pencil Nexus, where Dad works. Next there's a parody of Chocolate Factory with a pencil-lined lead river and a song that was sung by Oompa Loompa like creatures. We learn that the one that invents an everlasting pencil will get his face one the Hall of Fame, and of course, Dad wants to be that person. Mr. Ed Leadly tells him that if he doesn't create anything revolutionary in that day, he'll get fired. Dad made a pencil bongo stick, which breaks; and an invisible pencil, which he loses. so Timmy makes the everlasting pencil and gives it to Dad, hoping he will keep the job. Dad makes the mistake of telling his boss Timmy created it and Timmy becomes the VP of Pencil Nexus. As the "Everleady" pencil lasts forever, the townspeople throw all their old pencils away, and as no more wood needs to be chopped, a forest invades Dimmsdale, complete with bears. Mr. Ed Leadly tells Timmy he will have to fire everyone at Pencil Nexus because sales have plummeted and nobody is needed anymore - INCLUDING DAD. With Dad fired, Timmy is feeling guilty, and Cosmo tells him that everyone will be writing, forever and ever and will grow large muscles. He can't wish the pencils away because he wishes the pencil were everlasting and indestructible, so Timmy wishes everyone who bought the Everleady gets large muscles, and Mr. Ed Leadly tells him that everyone is complaining about his invention so Everleadies will never be created again. Everyone is re-hired, and Dad fires Timmy.

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