"The Bully" is the first (now second) segment of the 43rd episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Mrs. Puff announces that there's a new student in her class named Flats the Flounder, who tells SpongeBob that he is going to "kick his butt". SpongeBob, who takes this extremely seriously, tries to seek help and to reason with Flats, but to no avail, he eventually runs away into town, where Flats attempts to run him over with a garbage truck, while he eventually drives over a banana peel, causing it to flip over. Flats awakens in the hospital, where he learns that SpongeBob saved his life by performing CPR on him for five hours straight. Despite this, Flats continues to pursue SpongeBob.

Eventually, he corners SpongeBob in his own home, where he proceeds to beat him up. However, SpongeBob's spongy body absorbs the blows, and he is unharmed. Flats continues to hit SpongeBob nonstop throughout all of next week, until he finally faints from exhaustion. His classmates cheer for SpongeBob. However, pitying Flats, SpongeBob starts a speech, which ends with him making a fist. Mrs. Puff enters and sees SpongeBob making a fist, and thinks SpongeBob beat up Flats.

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  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 3rd Season
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The First 100 Episodes


  • While this is his first lead role, Flats actually previously appeared in "Sandy's Rocket" (when SpongeBob and Patrick mistaking everyone as aliens, SpongeBob caught Flats when he opened the mirror that SpongeBob was hiding in) and "Texas" (at the party, Flats is shown dancing with a purple gallon) To date, Flats has never appeared again after this episode.
  • When the uncut version of "Just One Bite" was aired, "The Bully" would be aired first, and "Just One Bite" second. However, when the scene was deleted, the order of the two episodes were switched around.
  • While SpongeBob and Flats are talking, Mrs. Puff is saying "blah blah blah red light blah blah blah green light blah blah speed" in the background.
  • Diarrhea is mentioned in this episode.
  • Flats is seen driving a dump truck in the episode, which makes the fact that he is in boating school seem illogical. However, he could be in here for a very similar reason as Squidward in "Boating Buddies".
  • When Patrick is talking to SpongeBob on the phone, Patrick says Flats was his "Community College Buddy", implying that Patrick went to college.
  • The drawing Flats makes of himself beating up SpongeBob can be seen on Squidward's chalkboard in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game for PC.
  • When SpongeBob runs to the bathrooms, there is a flyer saying, "Join the Glee Club'".
  • When Flats first walks into the classroom, it shows that the school leads outside. Later, SpongeBob is standing in a hallway, where the door would lead to. The hallway also appears in "New Student Starfish".
  • Flats apparently recovers from his injuries to chase SpongeBob out of the hospital within less than a minute.
  • When SpongeBob asks to be excused for the rest of his life, Mrs. Puff denies his request, despite desperately wanting to be rid of SpongeBob; further more, she shows no dislike toward SpongeBob in this episode. She also does this in "New Student Starfish".
  • A scene where SpongeBob and Patrick are playing leap-frog while Flats is beating him up is replaced with SpongeBob flipping Krabby Patties while Flatts is beating him up. This can be an indicator for violence.
  • Flats seems to move another town after this incident due to being absent for a long time.
  • When SpongeBob tells Mrs. Puff that Flats plans to kick his butt, she angrily says "there shall be no butt-kicking in any class of mine!". But earlier, when Flats introduced himself to the class, he said "I like to kick people's butts" and Mrs. Puff responded with laughter.
  • In most of the shots, Flats is not flat. The most round picture of him was when he rips of his shirt and chest hair.
  • Pizza Castle, the restaurant that Patrick mentioned, is most likely a parody of Pizza Hut and White Castle, even though the latter does not serve pizza.
  • Mario from Pizza Castle (also mentioned by Patrick) was mentioned again in "Suction Cup Symphony" by SpongeBob when he said "sounds like Squidward ate at Mario's last night".
  • When Flats sees his dad, he asks him about talking to strangers, implying that his dad never met SpongeBob before.
  • When the class is clapping, there is an old lady in the class.


  • When the students are clapping for Flats when he first enters the class, SpongeBob can't be seen.
  • When SpongeBob smacks into Flats' dad's boat, there is only 1 seat, but later it shows Flats in the car, too. Also the steering wheel is shown on the right side where-as in other episodes the steering wheel appears on the left.
  • When the Garbage truck is idling behind SpongeBob, it says "Bikini Bottom Garbage". Later, it is blank.
  • Charlie is purple instead of blue and wear a green pants instead of red in this episode.
  • When Flats was making a Sand Sculpture of SpongeBob and kicking it, you can see that Mrs. Puff's mouth isn't moving while she is heard talking. Flats was just trying to have fun with SpongeBob.
  • Earlier Mrs. Puff said there is no butt kicking allowed in her class as she stated to SpongeBob, but close to the end when she misinterprets that SpongeBob beat up Flats (the latter really got exhausted and fell unconscious), she yelled out that she was going to kick his butt for that.
  • When Mrs. Puff writes on the blackboard, you can see an octagon with the words "GO". The octagon shape is used for stop signs.

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