"The Camping Episode" is the second half of the 57th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Squidward looks forward to a weekend of peace and quiet when SpongeBob and Patrick decide to go camping. However, he's disappointed to learn that they decided to camp in SpongeBob's front yard, right outside his window.

Squidward decides to camp too, after he mistakenly gets the impression that SpongeBob and Patrick think he's somehow not manly or qualified enough to camp (SpongeBob's comment of "Have fun inside" caused Squidward to camp with them). After he's unable to set up his automated tent, he decides to sleep on the ground.

Then Spongebob and Patrick eat marshmellows while Squidward goes to his house to get his can opener. However, he was stopped by them saying that it just doesn't feel right. So Squidward eats the marshmellow getting hit by Patrick's burned ones. Spongebob then plays a song abouting Camping. Squidward disliked it so he plays his clarinet really badly and SpongeBob stops him by shooting a marshmallow in his clarinet. SpongeBob and Patrick start talking about sea-bears and the things that attract it. Squidward attempts to disprove their existence by doing all the things that supposedly would attract a sea-bear, such as cheese cubes, hoop skirts, flashlights (natural prey, affirms Patrick), clown shoes, et cetera. Sure enough, he is eventually attacked. SpongeBob and Patrick make an 'anti sea-bear circle', of which Squidward is also skeptical. After being attacked several times, he attempts to make a circle, but it's actually an oval which offers no protection. He jumps into SpongeBob and Patrick's circle where he is not attacked. Unfortunately, a sea-rhinoceros, which is attracted by the sound of the sea-bear attacks, appears and grunts at Squidward, who is not wearing his anti sea-rhinoceros undergarments.



  • The episode was originally going to be titled Squid Gets Mauled, but was later changed to The Camping Episode for the title being too violent.
  • The title broke the fourth wall.
  • Patrick is revealed to be left-handed.
  • The audio for the Campfire Song was used in KIDSMix.
  • In the episode "Idiot Box", Squidward finds a sombrero when he looks for a box and says: "Why haven't I worn this yet?" Later, in "The Camping Episode" Squidward wears his sombrero.
  • In that episode in Hebrew, in "The Campfire song" song they sing it "ש-י-ר ה-מ-ח-נ-E. שיר המחנה" which means "C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G, the campfire song" instead of "C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song"
  • The song Squidward tries to play on his clarinet is "Red River Valley", but the captions say that he was playing "Michael".
  • Part of this episode was portrayed on the Family Guy episode "Road to Rupert", in which Peter Griffin listens to the "Campfire Song Song". However, the animation is redone to show just SpongeBob and Patrick dancing with their instruments while singing.
  • This is the only episode that used the word "episode" in the title.
  • In the Best Day Ever, this is the only episode in the Top 10 that is not from season 4 (it ranked #7).
  • On Squidward's calendar, his drawings of Patrick and SpongeBob do not have clothes on.
  • This episode, along with Krabby Land, were the last episodes where the closed captions were ahead of time with the lines being said in the episodes.
  • The article I married a sea bear is a parody of the film I Married A Monster from Outer Space
  • Squidward's calendar claims to be May 25 on Saturday. This means this episode must take place in the year 2002.

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