The following is a list of episodes in the first season of The Casagrandes.


# Title card Title Original air date
(United States)
Going Overboard title card (better quality).jpg
"Going Overboard" September 27, 2019 (YouTube)
October 14, 2019 (TV)
Ronnie Anne finds out her Tio Carlos was a famous skateboarder and she begs him to teach her some new moves.
Walk Don't Run title card.jpg "Walk Don't Run" October 14, 2019
Ronnie Anne and Sid start a dog-walking business to save up for a new skateboard in a plan that quickly gets out of hand.
The Two of Clubs title card (better quality).jpg
"The Two of Clubs" November 2, 2019
Ronnie Anne and Sid look for an after-school activity to do together, but nothing seems to be right for them both.
Vacation Daze title card (better quality).jpg "Vacation Daze" November 2, 2019
When Maria finally gets a day off, Ronnie Anne has to compete with her family for some much-needed quality time.
New Haunts.png
"New Haunts" October 19, 2019
Ronnie Anne forgoes a family Halloween tradition for a cool party, but learns cool doesn't always mean fun.
Croaked title card.jpg "Croaked" October 21, 2019 (YouTube)
October 26, 2019 (TV)
Ronnie Anne and Sid teach Adelaide about the Day of the Dead to help her get over the death of her frog.
Snack Pact.jpg
"Snack Pact" November 9, 2019
The family discovers an amazing tamale cart and tries to keep it a secret from Rosa.
The Horror-Scope.jpg "The Horror-Scope" November 9, 2019
Ronnie Anne doesn't believe in an astrological prediction that love will find her, but when Lincoln comes to visit, she fears that it's coming true and may ruin their friendship.
Arrr in the Family.jpeg
"Arrr in the Family" November 16, 2019
Ronnie Anne is determined to help CJ get on stage at a pirate dinner show.
Finders Weepers.jpeg "Finders Weepers" November 16, 2019
Ronnie Anne and Sid have to decide whether they should borrow money from a lost coin purse they found in the mercado.
Stress Test titlecard.jpg
"Stress Test" January 11, 2020
When Bobby has trouble passing his Big Academic Test, the family tries to help him get over his test-taking anxieties.
How to Train Your Carl title card.jpg "How to Train Your Carl" January 27, 2020
Carl gets lost in the city zoo after sneaking away from his family to search for a Komodo dragon.
Operation Dad title card.jpg
"Operation Dad" January 20, 2020
Ronnie Anne tries to convince her father to move to the city while he is visiting; with the help of Sid, she devises a plan that seems too good to fail.
Flee Market title card.jpg
"Flee Market" January 28, 2020
Bobby struggles to give up control of the mercado during his pizza-versary date with Lori.
Copy Can't.jpg "Copy Can't" January 29, 2020
When Ronnie Anne notices that she's the only person Carlitos won't copy, she becomes determined to change it.
Away Game title card.jpg
"Away Game" February 22, 2020
Abuela worries that Ronnie Anne and Bobby will want to live at their Dad's new apartment permanently.
Monster Cash title card.jpg "Monster Cash" February 22, 2020
Carl hosts a haunted tour based on Abuela's tale of El Cucuy, and learns that this story may not be fiction.
Trend Game.jpg
"Trend Game" February 29, 2020
When Ronnie Anne realizes that she's not up to date on all of the latest trends, she seeks help from Carlota.
This Bird Has Flown.jpg "This Bird Has Flown" February 29, 2020
Bobby struggles to find Sergio after wishing he would fly away and never come back.
"V.I.P.eeved" March 14, 2020
Carlota worries that her family will embarrass her after her vlog is discovered by a famous musician.
Senor Class.png "Señor Class" March 14, 2020
Hector becomes Ronnie Anne and Carl’s newest classmate after deciding to finish his schooling.
Fast Feud title card.jpg
"Fast Feud" April 28, 2020
When an obnoxious new burger restaurant across the street causes Ronnie Anne and Sid to have trouble sleeping, they try to put a stop to it.
Never Friending Story title card.jpg "Never Friending Story" April 30, 2020
After picking Par as his new best friend, Bobby realizes he may be in over his head.
Grandparent Trap.png
"Grandparent Trap" August 10, 2020
Ronnie Anne thinks her grandparents' marriage is in trouble after watching a relationship talk show.
Miss Step.png "Miss Step" August 11, 2020
Ronnie Anne learns the art of baile folklorico - and that her Tia Frida is one intense instructor!
Slink or Swim title card.jpg
"Slink or Swim" May 30, 2020
When Bobby finds out Carl can't swim, he offers to show him the ways of the waves.
The Big Chill.png "The Big Chill" May 30, 2020
After begging Abuelo for some air conditioning, the cousins decide to earn some cash at the neighborhood fair.
Karma Chameleon title card.jpg
"Karma Chameleon" June 16, 2020
The Changs leave Ronnie Anne and her cousins to watch after Cam, the chameleon snake.
Team Effort.png "Team Effort" June 18, 2020
Ronnie Anne and her skate buddies work together to show their coach that they have what it takes to make a team.
Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner.png
"Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner?" August 12, 2020
Abuela teaches Ronnie Anne that getting ingredients for dinner is no small task.
New Roomie.png "New Roomie" August 13, 2020
When Vito's apartment floods, the kids try to find an apartment that suits him best.
Mexican Makeover.png
"Mexican Makeover" September 18, 2020
When Mama Lupe comes to visit, Abuela tries to get her family at the top of their cultural game
Uptown Funk.png "Uptown Funk" September 18, 2020
Adelaide and Carl have an adventure on Mr. Chang's route, but they must work together to save the day.
Bo Bo Business.png
"Bo Bo Business" September 25, 2020
After a disagreement with Abuelo, Bobby goes to work for Mr. Hong to try out his new business ideas.
Blunder Party.png "Blunder Party" September 25, 2020
Ronnie Anne and Sid are pumped up for their slumber party, but Carl and Adelaide might ruin the day.
"Cursed!" November 25, 2020
Celebrity psychic Ernesto Estrella deems Great Lakes City to be bad luck and Abuela believes him.
What's Love Gato Do with It.jpg
"What's Love Gato Do With It?" October 16, 2020
After a magician hypnotizes Bobby into thinking he's a cat, the family needs to snap him out of it.
Dial M. for Mustard.jpg "Dial M. for Mustard" October 16, 2020
Ronnie Anne and her cousins uncover a town mystery - Bruno's missing hot dog cart.

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