The Curse of PCA is the second hour-length special episode of Zoey 101. It first aired on October 13, 2007. It stars Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks, Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews, Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks, Victoria Justice as Lola Martinez, Christopher Massey as Michael Barret, Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky, and Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese.

Plot summary

After bringing up the legend of a former PCA student named Charles Galloway who fled to the wilderness above PCA at a place called Redstone Gulch because of an extremely hard test, they decide to go check it out for themselves, along with help from Lola's crush. While there, they find the necklace of Charles Galloway. When the gang refuse to let Logan keep the necklace (which he says will be evidence that they proved the legend true, and make them famous at PCA), he steals it and puts it in Zoey's backpack, causing a violent thunderstorm to form and a green cloud to come after Zoey and the others. Zoey must help save PCA by getting to Redstone Gulch and placing the necklace back where it came from. This is the second Zoey 101 TV movie.


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