"The Eggpire Strikes Back" is a special hour-length episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, produced as the show's fifteenth and sixteenth episodes.


King Goobot V, Jimmy's enemy from the movie comes back and pretends to be have reformed, but Jimmy suspects something about the Yolkian's evil plan leading the town to turn against him and attend a Yolkian party. At the same time, Goobot and Ooblar trick Cindy into helping them in their evil plan. Upon realizing that it is her fault when the Yolkians managed to resurrect Poultra, Cindy reforms herself by convincing the town to work with Jimmy to defeat the Yolkians. But can they stop them in time before Poultra kills them all?


  • The title and the logo used on the title card are references to the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back.
    • At the end, Carl plays the empty shells are parodies of the empty storm trooper helmets that the Ewoks used as drums in Return of the Jedi.
  • This and "The League of Villains" are the only hour-length Jimmy Neutron specials to use the show's regular intro sequence.
  • This is Ooblar and Poultra's only appearances in the show (though both characters also appeared in Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast, which opened at Universal Studios shortly before this aired).
  • King Goobot and Ooblar were not played by their voice actors from the film, Patrick Stewart and Martin Short in this episode. Instead, S. Scott Bullock and Paul Greenberg, reprised their roles from the show's pilot.
  • Cindy would help the villain of the day again in "King of Mars".
  • This is the first time a villain on The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron pretends to reform. It would happen again in "My Big Fat Spy Wedding".
  • Sheen calls Carl Burp Boy, which would be the name of his superhero alter-ego in "The N-Men".
  • When defending Jimmy, Cindy recalls the events from "When Pants Attack", "Normal Boy", and "Substitute Creature".
  • It is unknown how Poultra died in the first place, since she never was seen dying in the movie.
  • When the Yolkians are resurrecting Poultra with Jimmy's DNA machine, the push-buttons are labled "Pot Roast", "Bread", "Chicken", "Frozen Dinner", "Baked Potatoes" and "Fish".
  • Somehow, Cindy figured out the meteor was Jimmy's fault.
  • Ms. Fowl knew about the Yolkians, which doesn't make sense because she wasn't abducted to begin with.

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  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: The Best of Season 1

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