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The following is a list of episodes in the third season of The Fairly OddParents, listed in production order.


Title card Title Air date
"Ruled Out" November 8, 2002
Thinking that his life is restricted way too much, Timmy wishes that his parents didn't care about anything. The drawback is that they don't even care about hygiene anymore (all of his dad's teeth falls out), and they don't even pay the electric bill. To make things worse, the wish also causes Cosmo and Wanda to not care about anything either.
Title-ThatsLife.jpg "That's Life!" November 8, 2002
Everything Mrs. Turner touches dies, and she cannot grow anything in her garden. Timmy wishes that his mother's garden would come to life, but this also resurrects a dead and decomposing gerbil that was buried under the soil!
"Shiny Teeth" November 30, 2002
Dr. Bender and his son, Wendell, rip out Chip Skylark's perfect teeth, and it's up to Timmy to find a way to get them back. However, he cannot simply just wish the problem away, all tooth related wishes must go through the Tooth Fairy first.
Title-OddOddWest.jpg "Odd, Odd West" November 30, 2002
Mr. Turner takes his son and his friends to his favorite old childhood spot, Dimmsdale Flats, but when they get there they see that the place is about to be torn down by Doug Dimmadome, and the only way to stop him is to find the deed to the city which was lost hundreds of years ago. Timmy wishes himself back in time so that he could recover the deed from 19th century thieving culprit, Vicky the Kid.
"MicroPhony" August 1, 2003
It's summer time and all the parents are leaving their children under Vicky's slave care, so Timmy decides to use his treehouse as a radio station to broadcast a message to all the parents in Dimmsdale: To spend time with their kids in the summer. In order to hide his identity, Timmy wishes for a special microphone that gives him the deep voice of a radio jockey named "Double T". However, when Vicky starts losing business, she sets out to find Double T and make him pay.
Title-SoTotallySpacedOut.jpg "So Totally Spaced Out" August 1, 2003
After cute and cuddly creatures named "Gigglepies" invade and capture Yugopotamia, Mark Chang flees his planet to enlist the help of the "mighty Earth warrior" Timmy in defeating the threat. When Timmy gets to Yugopotamia, he realizes that defeating the little creatures won't be as easy as he expected, since Cosmo and Wanda have been hypnotized by their adorableness.
"Love Struck!" February 14, 2003
Timmy learns from Cupid that Tootie is destined to be his special someone, but he doesn't want to waste his first kiss on Vicky's little sister instead of Trixie, so he creates an elaborate Valentine for Trixie consisting of dancers and a song. After Trixie rejects him yet again, Timmy sorely decides to wish all girls to another part of the world. This creates a problem for Cupid, as without love in the air, the God of Love will slowly wither up and die. Timmy must find a way to re-unite the two sexes, and then must also make a decision on who deserves his Valentine's day love more, Trixie or Tootie.
Cosmo Con (FOP).jpg
"Cosmo Con" January 10, 2003
Cosmo is chosen to host a fairy convention... in Timmy's bathroom! Things become even more problematic when Mr. Crocker visits the house for a parent-teacher conference with the real intent of catching a fairy.
Title-WandasDayOff.jpg "Wanda's Day Off!" January 10, 2003
Wanda takes the day off while Cosmo and Timmy promise not to make any stupid wishes, but within mere minutes, the Turner home has been invaded by radioactive cockroaches!
Titlecard-Odd Jobs.jpg
"Odd Jobs" January 27, 2003
Cosmo and Wanda create a magical website that gives Mr. Turner new jobs.
Titlecard-Movie Magic.jpg "Movie Magic" January 27, 2003
The Dimmadance Film Festival is in town and everyone is taking their shots at making their own movie. Timmy wants to impress Trixie Tang with his own film, but it turns out to be a travesty. Worse, Tad and Chad have produced their own big-budget film starring actual actors. Although Timmy knows he can't use his fairies to win the competition, there is nothing against Da Rules that says he can't film actual historical events as part of his movie.
"Abra-Catastrophe!" July 12, 2003
Timmy has gone a year without losing his fairies, so he receives a magic muffin that allows him to make one rule free wish. Before Timmy can however, the muffin falls into the wrong hands. First, a lab monkey that wishes the world to be ruled by apes. Not only that, but Mr. Crocker is onto Timmy's fairies, and plots to capture one and use its magic to rule the world.
Titlecard-Sleepover and Over.jpg
"Sleepover and Over" May 17, 2003
After a petty squabble, Chester and A.J. don't want to be friends anymore. Timmy avoids picking a side, but a problem arises when both of his friends invite him to their respective sleepovers on the same night to watch Crash Nebula Meets the Crimson Chin. Timmy must find a way to balance his attendance at both sleepovers with the help of his fairies without being discovered, and find a way to reunite his friends.
Titlecard-Mother Nature.jpg "Mother Nature" May 17, 2003
The citizens of Dimmsdale have a tendency to react violently when the weatherman predicts the wrong weather, in the form of driving said weathermen out of town with an angry mob with pitchforks. After Mrs. Turner wins a contest that makes her the new weatherwoman of the local news, Timmy wishes that everything she predicted would come true so that she wouldn't face the wrath of an angry mob, but when she gets fed up with her job and wants to quit by making a bogus weather prediction, the disasters she predicted would happen all come true.
Titlecard-The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad.jpg
"The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad!" May 9, 2003
Timmy accidentally wishes the Nega Chin (the Crimson Chin's evil counterpart) out of a comic book, but Timmy still thinks it's the Crimson Chin and hides him in his treehouse. Nega Chin convinces Timmy to allow Cosmo and Wanda to grant his wishes. Timmy realizes who he is and what the wishes were (all his villain friends out of the comic book and Cosmo and Wanda's magic can't touch him, he can't be wished back into the book, and that Timmy can't wish his room clean, something his parents told him to do or he'd be in big trouble). Timmy must give his parents their super hero powers back to stop them, brings the real Crimson Chin help them.
Titlecard-Engine Blocked.jpg "Engine Blocked" May 9, 2003
Mr. Turner is going through mid-life crisis and impulsively buys the Striker Z from Vicky for cheap, even though the car wasn't even hers. Timmy's dad soon falls in love with the car and starts paying more attention to it than his son, so Timmy wishes that he was the Striker Z so he could spend time with his dad anyways and attend a car convention for adults. However, at the car convention, Vicky steals the Striker Z/Timmy car back when she learns Doug Dimmadome is willing to buy it at an inflated price, and Timmy can't wish himself back since she turned his voice (the radio) off!
Titlecard-Most Wanted Wish.jpg
"Most Wanted Wish" May 2, 2003
After every wimpy kid in the school was picked over him by Tad and Chad, and Trixie chose a rock over him as her lab partner, Timmy wishes that he was the most wanted kid on Earth. Unfortunately for Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda took the wish to its literal meaning, and not only are the police looking for Timmy because hes "wanted", but every fairy in Fairy World wants Timmy to be their godkid as well, and they hold a cage match to the last Fairy standing to decide who gets him!
Titlecard-This is Your Wish.jpg "This is Your Wish" May 2, 2003
Mama Cosma makes another attempt at prying him away from Wanda and Timmy by luring them onto a game show called "This is Your Wish", hosted by Billy Crystalball.
Titlecard-Beddy Bye.jpg
"Beddy Bye" May 23, 2003
Being annoyed by his inability to stay up all night and thus missing night-time events, Timmy wishes for the world to have no sleep at all. He soon realizes that everyone needs sleep to function.
Titlecard-The Grass is Greener.jpg "The Grass is Greener" May 23, 2003
After overhearing an out-of-context conversation by his parents where they'd wish that they were more like Mr. Dinkleberg and without any children, Timmy gets upset and decides to fulfill their wish by running away from home. He ends up at a carnival and quickly steals the show with his fairies by performing acts. This causes jealousy among the other carnies, who want to drive off the newcomer and have their own shocking secret.
Titlecard-The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker.jpg
"The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!" June 27, 2003
March 15th is the day that every child fears - the day where Mr. Crocker is at his meanest, and the reason of his extreme unhappiness remain a mystery, so Timmy uses the Time Scooter to go back to Crocker's childhood to solve it, and try to fix it. After exploring several different decades and time periods in his school teacher's life, Timmy finds a shocking secret that involves Crocker and fairies.
Titlecard-Kung Timmy.jpg
"Kung Timmy" November 11, 2003
Francis beats up Timmy again, and after Mr. Turner tries to intervene, he gets beaten up too, resulting in the bully taking the Turner's own house and car away from them. After briefly training in kung-fu, Timmy decides to get his stuff back from Francis by fighting him for it. Unfortunately for Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda's magic are governed by the rules of kung-fu, which state that it may only be used for defensive purposes.
Titlecard-Which Witch is Which.jpg "Which Witch Is Which?" November 11, 2003
After betting against A.J.'s intellect over the existence of a historical figure, Timmy realizes he can use his fairies' time travel to go back to colonial Dimmsdale to prove that the cities founder, Dale Dimm, actually existed and was the true founder of the city. While there, Timmy meets Alden Bitteroot, the would-be founder that A.J. supported that also happened to bear a striking resemblance to Mr. Crocker, and finds out that Dale Dimm was the town fool, and Bitteroot was a respected witch hunter that the townspeople revered and wanted to name their town after. Timmy must find a way to disprove Bitteroot after he is discovered by him and accused of being a witch.
"Pipe Down!" September 26, 2003
After failing to complete his block version of the Eiffel Tower and after getting yelled at several times, Timmy wishes that everything was completely silent, but problems arise when a meteor is heading for Earth and Timmy can't wish it gone.
Titlecard-The Big Scoop.jpg "The Big Scoop!" September 26, 2003
Chester and A.J. are on the hot seat with the school newspaper editor, Mr. Birkenbake. He wants them to undercover a new and interesting story or they will be off the paper. Chester and A.J. notice that something strange is going on with Timmy, and suspect that he is harboring a secret. They decide to dig up some dirt on their friend, who has inexplicably joined the popular clique after a sudden disappearance of his parents.
Titlecard-Crime Wave.jpg
"Crime Wave" October 10, 2003
Timmy wants to get a new Crimson Chin comic while bathing, so he wishes himself there, but appears in the nude and must run all the way back home naked. Meanwhile, inside the comic book Timmy left behind, the Crimson Chin fights H20lga in Chincinatti, but some magic residue from Cosmo and Wanda mixed with the bath water from the bathtub causes H20lga to swell to enormous size!
Images (10)odd.jpg "Odd Ball" October 10, 2003
After Timmy's V-Cube burns out due to him selfishly overplaying it, his parents refuse to buy him a new one and Timmy is forced to get a job by playing on the local basketball team, the Dimmsdale Ballhogs. Like their name implies, the team is not very good at sharing the ball, and as a result is losing every game. Although Timmy can use magic to help out for most of the game, only the last three minutes of a basketball game are considered competitive, so Timmy must figure out how to get his teammates to share the ball and win together during crunch time or else the entire team will be moved to Alaska by Doug Dimmadome, and Timmy along with it.
Titlecard-Wheres Wanda.jpg
"Where's Wanda?" October 18, 2003
After Timmy wins a student motion picture fair at his school in a stunning upset with his goldfish costumed as Jaws, Wanda mysteriously disappears after a brief power outage, and it's up to Timmy and Cosmo to solve the mystery of her possible kidnapping. The culprits could be any of the jealous losing competitors: Francis, A.J., Trixie, or someone that Timmy and Cosmo would never expect.
Titlecard-Imaginary Gary.jpg "Imaginary Gary" October 18, 2003
After his parents ignore him yet again, Timmy remembers his imaginary friend he made up in his youth, Gary, and decides to wish him real. At first, Gary seems cooler than Timmy could ever imagine, but when he takes Gary to school the next day, Timmy is humiliated by Gary who turns out to harbor a resent toward Timmy for locking him in his head for five years. Worse, because Gary is technically a part of Timmy, he has control of Cosmo and Wanda, and when Timmy wishes that Gary was trapped inside Timmy's mind again, Gary wishes that Timmy would be brought with him, and Timmy becomes trapped inside his own imagination where Gary has the upper hand!
Titlecard-Chip Off The Old Chip.jpg
"Chip Off the Old Chip" November 21, 2003
To win the lead role in the school musical with Trixie Tang, Timmy wishes that he had Chip Skylark's voice. Unfortunately for Chip, this causes him to have Timmy's voice, and his career quickly plummets. Not only that, but Timmy cannot unwish the wish because Cosmo and Wanda can only grant wishes given out in his voice.
Titlecard-Snow Bound.jpg "Snow Bound" November 21, 2003
While on a ski trip at the local slopes, Vicky and Timmy are trapped in a cave by an avalanche and must put aside their differences to survive an encounter with the Abominable Snowman. Meanwhile, Mr. Turner stalks his wife and the wives of Timmy's friends while they relaxed at the ski resort.

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