This article is about the comic book. For the animated short with the same title, see The Fairly Odd Phantom.
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comic book cover artwork seen at the 2017 San-Diego Comic Con.

The Fairly Odd Phantom is an exclusive six-page comic book that was created for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 and is based off of the animated short with the same title.


Butch Hartman has been kidnapped by Mr. Crocker, Skulker, Snaptrap, and Amanda and it's up to the inter-dimensional heroes to save him.


The comic book acts as a continuation from where the short left off, and the cast must save Butch, who was kidnapped by each each character's enemies from their respective shows. The comic ends with the gang saving their creator Butch, as he erases the villains with his pencil. The final panel shows Danny asking Butch if he can draw Dudley a pair of pants.



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