"The Fry Cook Games" is the second segment of the 39th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


It's the day of the annual Fry Cook Games, which Mr. Krabs and Plankton have competed in for several years, each winning several medals. This year, SpongeBob is representing the Krusty Krab. While he is training, Patrick appears and, after SpongeBob explains that he's training for the games, excitedly asks if he can join in. SpongeBob tells him that he has to be a fry cook to compete. Patrick says that it must be pretty easy to be a fry cook, which angers SpongeBob because he takes his job seriously. This begins a rivalry between the two.

Plankton then appears and introduces his competitor, who at first appears to be a terrifyingly huge and muscular fish which the audience is even scared of, but he is only carrying the real contestant strapped on his back, who is none other than Patrick Star, who got a job at the Chum Bucket in order to compete, only having worked there for 5 minutes.

The competitions include fast food-related versions of actual Olympic sports, such as the "Deep Fry Pole Vault" (Pole-vaulting over a deep-fryer) and the "Chocolate High-Dive" (Diving from a springboard to a vat of chocolate, making the diver look like ice cream), among others.

Finally, after a short montage, SpongeBob and Patrick's scores are tied when they face off against each other in the final event, "Bun Wrestling", which is just regular wrestling only on a bun. Mr. Krabs and Plankton instigate by saying: (Mr. Krabs) "Don't forget he called ye yellow" and (Plankton) "Don't forget, he called you pink!" To intimidate Patrick, SpongeBob bites a chain and grins with the chains wrapped around his teeth looking similar to braces. To intimidate SpongeBob, Patrick rips a lemon in half and pushes the halves into his eyes, then screams. SpongeBob rips his robe off revealing a large muscular body. Patrick follows by ripping his robe off, revealing only a business outfit. He realizes his mistake and tears of the suit revealing a body similar to SpongeBob's. As the bell sounds for the fight to begin, they jump into the air yelling.They collide and begin fighting. Patrick decides to throw away his ambition to fight for the Chum Bucket by saying, "Forget the Chum Bucket. This is personal." He takes off SpongeBob's shoe and then he licks his foot which disgusts SpongeBob out and causes him to yell out. In retaliation for this, SpongeBob erases the "Pat" in "Patrick" on Patrick's nametag. Patrick responds by yelling, "My name's not Riiiiiiiiiiiiick!" Towards the end of the fight they get into a grapple stating how much they hate each other. Suddenly their pants rip revealing underwear similar to each other's skin color. Both of them cry, "You do care!". Afterwards they vow to never fight each other again and leave the stadium. Mr. Krabs and Plankton demand that they "Get back here and kill each other!". Patrick says, "You're my best friend ever SpongeBob". SpongeBob responds by saying,"You too, Patrick." As the episode ends with the two walking down the road into the sunset, Patrick says "You know these were white when I bought them", referring to his underwear.


  • In some airings, SpongeBob and Patrick are shown holding each other's shoulders instead of each other's hands.
  • The huge guy carrying Patrick on his back is a reference to a scene in "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls".
  • When the Realistic Fish Head describes the Fry Cook Games, the background music is The Bonnie Blue Flag, a Confederate song.
  • For the crowd sequences, only 6 character models are used, repeated many times over in different spots in the bleachers.
  • The EBS Color Bars after the failed attempt of the torch are also seen on the ending of Shanghaied, after Patchy attempts to make the viewers to walk the plank. A similar one is seen in Ugh, when Patchy loses his balance whilst riding a fake dinosaur. It is also seen in Once Bitten on the TV screen in the TV shop during the news broadcast, as well as Whelk Attack. Another instance is The Secret Box when SpongeBob shows Patrick his "secret channel", and Tentacle Acres when Patrick changes the ad for Tentacle Acres and saying "I hate this channel".
  • This is the 3rd episode where SpongeBob and Patrick are "ex-best friends". The original, 2nd, 4th and 5th (and final) would be Naughty Nautical Neighbors, Valentines Day, New Student Starfish, and Battle of Bikini Bottom.
  • The Fry Cook Games is a spoof of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games
  • When Patrick yells MY NAME'S NOT RICK! has became an internet meme.
  • Throwing a big straw in cola is a reference to the javelin throw.
  • When Patrick took off SpongeBob shoe, he appears to be wearing socks that only have a strap around the foot leaving the rest bare.
  • Patrick probably licks SpongeBob's foot to tickle him but instead disgusts him, causing him to scream.
  • When Patrick is seen licking SpongeBob's foot, SpongeBob's shoe can be seen right next to SpongeBob.
  • A deleted scene of SpongeBob and Patrick leaving the stadium holding hands was cut. However, before they leave they are holding hands.
  • In this episode, SpongeBob is able to do push-ups. However, in MuscleBob BuffPants during Sandy's workout, he breaks his arms after attempting to do just one.
  • In this episode, SpongeBob is quite muscular, but he was shown to be very weak physically in "MuscleBob BuffPants", to the point that he needed to buy inflatable muscles to look strong.
  • Plankton says that square is "the shape of evil." Coincidentally, his computer wife Karen has been shown to be a square firescreen, or a cube which is considered a three dimensional (3D) square.


  • The captions refer the 21st Annual Fry Cook Games as the 12th Annual Fry Cook Games.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick are leaving, Patrick is on SpongeBob's right, but moments later, he is on the left. They could have decided to change sides when walking out.
  • When the fish holding Patrick arrives he breaks the wall. But when he screams after Patrick and SpongeBob scream, the wall is put back together.
  • When Patrick was holding SpongeBob's foot, his sock was the same length as the other. But when Patrick was licking it, it was longer than the other.
  • In the Netflix version if you put captions when the Realistic Fish Head said for the first time "the 21st annual fry cook games" the captions read "12th annual fry cook games."
  • When Patrick took off SpongeBob's right shoe the toes on his right foot are switched around making it look like he has 2 left feet.
  • SpongeBob's foot normally has 4 toes. But when Patrick was licking it, his foot had 5 toes.

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