"The Great Snail Race" is the first segment of the 54th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


SpongeBob wakes up as well as waking up Gary. He tells the world he is ready. He sees Squidward getting a package in the mail, with the mailfish erroneously pronouncing his last name as "Tennisballs". SpongeBob questions that Squidward's last name is "Tentacles", and Patrick says poor guy. He opens the cage, which contains a snail named Snellie. Patrick checks out Squidward's new snail. SpongeBob sees this and tells Gary that he has a new little playmate. However, Squidward immediately protests and explains that Snellie is a purebred of the highest pedigree, and that she is going to be entered in the Bikini Bottom Snail Race on Sunday and she will win it.

SpongeBob says that he can't enter Gary because Sunday is laundry day. Squidward then tells SpongeBob that he can't enter Gary because Gary is a "mutt", which offends SpongeBob. He asks what makes Squidward think Gary couldn't win. Squidward says the paper. Patrick reads Snellie's pedigree certificate and misreads Squidward's name as "Tentpoles", which makes Squidward angry, yet again. SpongeBob decides to enter Gary into the race. Patrick also decides to enter into the competition.

SpongeBob (wearing a play mustache and a coach's outfit) tells Gary to start training now. Sandy is walking and decides to kick SpongeBob's butt tomorrow, but she doesn't know why. SpongeBob makes a shake with weird ingredients and gives it to Gary, but Gary runs to the living room. Patrick Shows SpongeBob his snail, which is a rock. Patrick says he has nerves of steel. SpongeBob decides to train Gary as hard as he can.

On the day of the race, Gary is exhausted from SpongeBob's brutal training. During the race, his eyes and shell explode, revealing a car engine, and he spirals out of control like a race car. SpongeBob, seeing the error of his ways, tells Gary that he can stop now, but Gary keeps on going. SpongeBob runs onto the track, which the announcer says that it's an "automatic disqualification". Gary hits the wall and explodes completely.

Snellie, who is almost at the finish line, turns around to help Gary, and the two instantly fall in love. Squidward is shocked at this and walks onto the track, and SpongeBob says to him, "Looks like you and me are in-laws, eh, Squidward?". Squidward then sees that, much to his surprise, Patrick's rock won the race. Squidward is very upset by this, but Patrick then tells Squidward that he had the trophy engraved to him, and gives it to him, knowing how much Squidward wanted to win. Squidward thanks Patrick, but then reads the trophy, which reads "The 1st place Snail Racing cup presented to Squidward... TORTELLINI?!" He groans and says "Will I ever win?", and they all start laughing and then Sandy appears onscreen kicking SpongeBob yelling "That's for yesterday, SquarePants!".

Home video releases

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 3rd Season
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Where's Gary?
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The First 100 Episodes


  • The music played during the title card and when Lightning Larry is heading to light the torch is a piece of music from the APM library, composed by the late Will Schaefer entitled "Fight! Fight! Fight!" The music would later be used as the instrumental to "Now That We're Men" from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, released over a year later.
  • The mayor in this episode reappears as the first mayor of New Kelp City in "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?".
  • A snail identical to Snellie appears in "The Sponge Who Could Fly" as Mrs. Puff's snail. However, she states that, "I've had her since I was a little girl," meaning that this could not be Snellie. Also in "Gary in Love" Snellie appears as Mary. This could be because Snellie is likely a character model.
  • SpongeBob's "...raw eggs 'cause they're cliche" line is a clear reference to Rocky.
  • There is a deleted scene in which Sandy is arrested for kicking SpongeBob's butt. This was cut for unknown reasons.
  • SpongeBob's unicycle, first seen in "Boating School", appears in this episode.
  • SpongeBob shouts "Move it! Move it!" like Lt. Harris in Police Academy.
  • Joe Liss is credited as the third writer on this episode in the TV broadcasts[1], but on the DVD presentations of this episode, Merriwether Williams is credited instead.
  • In the Hebrew version, the word "Tennisballs" is replaced with the inappropriate word "Testacles".
  • In the Brazilian dubbing, Squidward's last name "Tentáculos" is misspelled "Tem Tacos" (have clubs) by the mailman and "Tem Óculos" (have eyeglasses) by Patrick. Snellie is called "Caracolina", a combination of "Caracol" (snail) and "Carolina" (a given name).
  • On the April 17, 2012 Nickelodeon Philippines airing of this episode, the credits from the later episode "Boating Buddies" are used instead.
  • In early Russian airings "Chocolate With Nuts" was aired first and The Great Snail Race was second; however, in later Russian airings, the order of the two episodes is changed.
  • "Lightning Larry Luciano" might be a reference to the mobster "Lucky Luciano".


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