"The Imperial Purple Robe of Empress Theodora" is the 49th episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Moat Crossing

In this extraordinarily difficult Moat, one player holds a long wooden plank steady as the other crosses it. After one teammate is across, he or she holds the board for the other partner to do the same.

1st Silver Snakes 0:38
2nd Red Jaguars 0:47
3rd Orange Iguanas 0:51
4th Green Monkeys 1:33

Steps of Knowledge

One of the most powerful women in history was Empress Theodora. She was the wife of Emperor Justinian, who ruled Constantinople in the early 500s. She passed many laws which helped the common people, and some say she wore the pants in the Royal Family. When a rebellion threatened to topple the Emperor, legend has it that Justinian's generals found him in a panic.

"You must flee, my Lord.", said one.

"A fast galley awaits you at the harbor.", said another. But the Emperor just ran from window to window saying.

"Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.", Empress Theodora said. "Justinian, we're not going anywhere. I'd rather be buried in my Imperial Purple Robe than be run out of this town by those rats. Now pull yourself together before they pull you apart."

According to legend, Theodora rallied the generals, and with Justinian in the lead, they conquered the rebels. Theodora's brave words were credited with saving the empire, not to mention her Imperial Purple Robe.

Red Jaguars Green Monkeys Orange Iguanas Silver Snakes
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Incorrect 2nd - Correct
2nd - Correct 1st - Incorrect

Temple Games

Byzantine Empire (Mountain)

While Theodora was empress, the Byzantine Empire expanded by conquering other countries. Before Stephen and Joshua stood a mountain with many holes into which their pegs fit, and is divided into four sections, each named after a part of the Byzantine Empire: Alexandria, Córdoba, Rome, and Carthage. Each territory can be won by either player placing his peg in the secret hole that sets off the victory salute. When Kirk gave the signal, both players had to start putting their pegs into as many holes as possible. For each territory won, they had to move on to the next one. The player to win all four territories or the player furthest along in 60 seconds won. Both players tied with 2 territories, awarding each of them a half pendant of life.

Gold for Corn (Zip-line)

Byzantium was an important link for trade between Europe and Asia, and Laura and Ashley's task was to re-establish that trade. When Kirk gave the signal, they each had to pick up a golden object, place it in their pouch, grab the hanger above them and swoop down to the opposite platform. Once there, they had to place the golden object in their bucket, grab an ear of corn, grab the next handle, and zip-line back with the corn. Once back at the starting point, they had to place the corn on their back board. The player to complete the most trades in 60 seconds won. Both players tied with 3 pieces of corn, awarding each of them a half pendant of life.

Rebels to Rubble (Slingshot Bowling)

Empress Theodora smashed the rebels and saved the city of Byzantium. The teams' task was to defend Byzantium by smashing the rebel army. When Kirk gave the signal, one player had to load his/her team's slingshot and launch a ball at the enemy troops on the wall. Then, it was his/her partner's turn. The team to knock over four rebel statues or the team furthest along in 60 seconds won. The Green Monkeys beat the Orange Iguanas 2-0, sending the Green Monkeys to Olmec's temple with 2 full pendants.

Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Pendants Won
Green Monkeys Tied Tied Won 2 Pendants
Orange Iguanas Tied Tied Lost 1 Pendant

Temple Run

This was another heartbreaking loss. Ashley went into the Temple first, starting in the Crypt and going directly into the Pit of Despair. From there, she stuck to the bottom floor— through the Throne Room and Swamp, and then entering the Dark Forest. Things looked good at this point— she hadn't run into a single Temple Guard, and now she was only one room away from the Imperial Purple Robe! All she had to do was bust through the wall, grab the Robe in the Mine Shaft and just come back along the lower route to record the win.

…You'd think that, wouldn't you? Actually, she pushed on the wall, but nothing happened, it didn't break down! Looks like she'd have to go up from the Dark Forest and find another way to enter the Mine Shaft. So she looked for the key, and not only did she find it, but a temple spirit found her! She put the Pendant in the tree, unlocked the gold door leading upward, and got taken out in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey with 1:23 on the clock.

Joshua went in next and precisely followed Ashley's path up to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. He put the monkey together, entered the Viper's Nest and beelined straight for the elevator. Down, down it went, slooooooooooowly but surely, stalling way too many times. With the last seconds coming, he crouched down in the elevator and reached downward as the elevator got caught up again. Unfortunately, he was only about a foot or away from making contact with the Robe before time expired. If the elevator didn't get stopped up so many times during the descent, Joshua would've had a close encounter with the Imperial Purple Robe. Too bad.


Winning Team Green Monkeys
Contestants Ashley & Joshua
Result Failed Acquisition
Pendants of Life 2
Artifact Location The Mine Shaft
Temple Guard Locations

The Dark Forest

The Shrine of the Silver Monkey

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Legends of the Hidden Temple Imperial Purple Robe of Empress Theodora

Legends of the Hidden Temple Imperial Purple Robe of Empress Theodora


  • This was the second time that the wall between the bottom corner and the Golden Doors Room did not break down, presumably to prevent an easy win. The first was The Keys to the Alhambra.
  • Production error: While Joshua was riding the elevator down into the Mine Shaft, the elevator stopped moving as he was reaching for imperial purple robe from in the elevator. He caused the production error by letting go of the two actuators in the elevator as he was presumably too impatient to wait for the elevator to make it all the way down.
  • This was the only 2 pendant Green Monkey run with an artifact hidden in the bottom corner.
  • In one of the square-shaped holes at the back of the pit, you can see a temple guard walking to a room where he was going to hide in.
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