The Island Girls was an All That sketch starring Lori Beth Denberg as Fran and Alisa Reyes as Kiki, two girls who were stranded on a deserted island after Kiki's boat collided with Fran's boat, as seen in the theme song, which was a spoof of Gilligan's Island. Fran desperately wanted to escape the island and often devised ways to reach civilization. Unfortunately, the happy-go-lucky (and stupid) Kiki would constantly end up ruining Fran's ideas. Occasionally, visitors would come to the island such as a group of pirates (played by Angelique Bates and Josh Server) looking for buried treasure, natives from a neighboring island (played by Kel Mitchell and Josh Server) looking for human sacrifices to give to their sacred hamster, three-armed aliens (played by Kenan Thompson and Josh Server) who are visiting Earth, and Kiki's sister Didi (played by Katrina Johnson) who has the same personality as her sister. Fran would always hope to escape with them only to see them driven away by Kiki's silly actions. The sketch always ended with Kiki singing her "Forever and Ever" song and Fran knocking herself unconscious so that she wouldn't have to hear Kiki sing.

Alisa Reyes mentioned at the 2011 Comikazee Panel that this was her favorite sketch.

Season Episode Guest
2 Episode 2 Monica
Episode 6 The Twinz
Episode 15 IMx
3 Episode 4 Dru Hill
Episode 7 A Tribe Called Quest
Episode 12 Sherman Hemsley / Nas

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