"The Last Stand" is the 52nd and final episode of The Legend of Korra.


In the mecha's control room, Korra and Kuvira fight one another. Meanwhile, Team Avatar begin to take the giant apart from the inside. Suyin and Lin make it discard its arm and weapon, and Bolin and Mako detonate its power source. Korra and Kuvira crash-land in the city's vine jungles, and Kuvira activates the discarded superweapon, triggering a staggering release of power that blasts Korra, together with Kuvira whom she shields, into the Spirit World. After they reemerge from what has become a new spirit portal, Kuvira concedes defeat and is arrested. Some time later, at Zhu Li and Varrick's wedding, Wu announces his intent to abdicate in favor of democratic Earth states, and Korra and Asami leave, hand in hand, for a vacation in the Spirit World.

Home video releases

  • The Legend of Korra - Book Four: Balance
  • The Legend of Korra - Book Four: Balance

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