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The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon and premiered on May 2, 2016.


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Set in the fictional city of Royal Woods, Michigan, The Loud House centers on 11-year-old Lincoln Loud, who lives in a house with his ten sisters - bossy eldest sister Lori, unintelligent Leni, aspiring rock star Luna, jokester and comedian Luan, energetic athlete Lynn, gloomy emo Lucy, care-free mud-loving tomboy twin Lana as opposed to her picture-perfect beauty pageant twin Lola, intellectual genius Lisa, and baby Lily. While being true that his room is a closet, there's only one bathroom, and his sisters drive him crazy, Lincoln always finds the solution with the help of his best friend Clyde McBride—one problem at a time. Each episode has Lincoln speaking to the viewer about life lessons within your family—especially when it's big.


The series was created by veteran animator Chris Savino and was inspired by his childhood. During early development, Savino originally wrote the characters as rabbits, with the number of siblings being 26. Someone at Nickelodeon suggested that the characters instead be humans, an idea that Savino initially declined on. He eventually relented after thinking about it some more and also reduced the number of kids to 11. As a nod to the original idea, Lincoln's stuffed bunny, Bun-Bun, is modeled after Lincoln's original rabbit design.[1] In addition, "White Hare" involved Lincoln as a rabbit named Warren—a reference to the show's original concept; Warren having 25 sisters are retained. Not featured in the concept was Clyde's beaver counterpart Danny.

The pilot episode was originally produced as part of Nickelodeon's 2013 Animated Shorts Program, and was later re-released with a new title, "Bathroom Break!!", on in 2016.

The first season originally consisted of 13 episodes (26 segments in total), but Nickelodeon changed it to 26 (52 segments in total).[1]

Two episodes ("A Tale of Two Tables"/"The Sweet Spot" and "Hand-Me-Downer"/"Sleuth or Consequences") were released digitally on, the Nick app, Nick's video-on-demand service and digital platforms in April 2016, a month before the series' official debut on May 2.

Brand-new episodes would air every week at 5:00 pm EST, before a brand-new episode of another show.

The second season was greenlit on May 25, 2016 and consists of 26 episodes, beginning on November 9, 2016 with "Intern for the Worse"/"The Old and the Restless" and ended on December 1, 2017 with "Snow Way Out"/"Snow Way Down".

On October 19, 2016, The Loud House was renewed for a third season, which will also consist of 26 episodes, and premiered on January 19, 2018 with "Roadie to Nowhere"/"A Fridge Too Far".

Jam Filled Entertainment, a Canadian animation studio based in Ottawa that was owned by Boat Rocker Media, provides the animation for the series. The animation is done by using Toon Boom Harmony.

Every episode in the first season was directed by Chris Savino; "The Price of Admission" and "One Flu Over the Loud House", as well as the second season's "The Old and the Restless", "Vantastic Voyage", and "Patching Things Up" were co-directed by Kyle Marshall. However, not all episodes were directed by Savino; both digital shorts, "Slice of Life" and "Deuces Wild!" (Savino only wrote the shorts), and a few season two episodes were directed solely by Marshall.

On October 19, 2017, Nickelodeon fired Savino due to allegations of sexual harassment, and continued to work on the show without him.[2] Michael Rubiner will become the main showrunner and Kyle Marshall will be the main director, with Amanda Rynda, a replacement for Savino, directing "Selfie Improvement". A few season three episodes directed by Savino were released after his termination, as they were produced prior; Savino's last episode to direct for the series was "What Wood Lincoln Do?"


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Home video release

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Three Loud House DVDs has been released thus far. The first two DVDs, titled Welcome to the Loud House - Season 1, Volume 1 and It Gets Louder - Season 1, Volume 2, each contained 13 episodes of the first season. The third DVD, titled Relative Chaos - Season 2, Volume 1 and collecting the first 13 episodes of the second season, was released on May 21, 2019.

Other media

A free comic book entitled Lincoln Loud's ABCs of Getting the Last Slice was released exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2015. It featured Lincoln and his sisters fighting to see who gets the last slice of pizza. It was adapted as a webisode on and Nickelodeon's YouTube channel, titled "Slice of Life". A second comic, titled Deuces Wild, was created for the 2016 Comic-Con, and was also adapted as an animated short. Comics based on the show were planned to appear in issues of Nickelodeon Magazine; however, when Papercutz stopped publishing the magazine, the comics instead appeared in the Nickelodeon Pandemonium graphic novels as well as their own books.


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A spin-off of The Loud House, titled The Casagrandes, will focus on Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago's extended family, and takes place after "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".


A theatrical feature film has been confirmed, originally set for release in 2020. However, Kevin Sullivan has confirmed that the film is on hold as of April 2018. Production eventually resumed by February 2019, and the film will have a release on Netflix in 2021.[3][4]


The Loud House has received favorable reviews from viewers and critics, with the praise focused on its casting, animation, character portrayals, and writing. Since then, it has been considered to be one of the best modern Nicktoons to date, alongside Harvey Beaks.

In 2019, the show won the Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series and Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program.


This show has a wiki of its own: The Loud House Wiki.

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