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The Loud House Movie is an animated comedy film based on the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House. Originally planned for a theatrical release in 2020, it debuted on Netflix on August 20, 2021. It takes place between the events of the show's fourth and fifth seasons.


Following an introductory sequence showing how Rita and Lynn Loud Sr. met, became a couple, got married, and started a family ("Life is Better Loud"), the story proper begins with Lincoln teaching Lily how to obtain a breakfast burrito, since their sisters would most likely get to them first. Right as their sisters get into a massive brawl over the food, Lincoln and Lily hide under the table, having successfully obtained one of the burritos. During their scuffle, Rita stops the fight to inform Lola that she has a pageant recital, when suddenly, all the other sisters remark that they have activities to do today. Rita and Lynn Sr. are not prepared for this, but fortunately, Lincoln tells them that he knows what to do.

With Lincoln's assistance, the sisters all manage to make it to their respective activities. Later that evening, as the Louds are celebrating at Lynn's Table, everyone recognizes the sisters and quickly run up to them to see them. In the ensuing chaos, Lincoln accidentally gets locked outside the restaurant. Seeing how his sisters are all beloved by everyone, Lincoln was heartbroken and finds himself wishing he was as special as they are ("Ordinary Me"). At Clyde's house, Lincoln bemoans to his friend that he's always going to be in his sister's shadows. When Clyde tries to cheer his pal up with some homemade cream puffs, Lincoln begins to cry because he realizes that his own friend has a special talent too. Clyde says that his baking skills simply runs in the family, mentioning that he once went to France with his grandmother, Gayle, and learned that his ancestral grandmothers were excellent bakers themselves. Hearing this story not only brightens Lincoln's mood, but also gives him an idea.

At the Loud House, as the family is getting themselves ready for bed, Lincoln asks his parents where their ancestors came from. Rita remarks that her ancestors came from Royal Woods, but Lynn Sr. remarks that he doesn't know where his came from. Lincoln further explains that if they find out, they can take a trip there and learn more about their ancestors. Lisa offers to find out, and, after sending Lynn Sr. through a series of dizzying experiments, does a DNA test using some of his saliva. After running the numbers, Lisa concludes that Lynn Sr.'s side of the family hails from Scotland. Rita and Lynn Sr. agree to go vacation in Scotland, but their change jar is mostly empty, because Lola spent it all on keeping her teeth shiny. Not giving up just yet, Lincoln says that they can still go to Scotland, as they have to be a little "adventurous".

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After a hectic road trip that involves riding in the cargo load of an airplane, parachuting into France, flying in a hot air balloon, and landing in the ocean to hitch a ride in a submarine ("Now or Never"), the family finally arrives in Scotland. As the family exits the sub to look around, Lori tries to call up Bobby, but the reception becomes distorted, causing Bobby to think that Lori is breaking up with him. With some encouragement from Ronnie Anne, Bobby decides to go to Scotland himself to reunite with Lori.

As the Louds enter the Scottish town, they find the place is full of oddities, like a door built much higher than the sidewalk, the signs being too jumbled to be comprehended, and a small bell being used in the bell tower. Eventually, they meet a man named Angus, who explains to them that they're in the town of Loch Loud, which is named after their ancestors from 400 years ago ("This Town Is Named for You"). Angus then brings the Louds to the castle once owned by their ancestors, where he works as the groundskeeper. He also introduces them to Morag, the castle's caretaker, who is not at all pleased with the Louds' presence. Angus then shows the Louds a painting of their ancestors, who looked exactly like them (one son and ten daughters). After taking a tour of the castle and seeing that there's enough bedrooms for everyone, Lincoln learns that the ancestor he himself resembles, referred to only as the Duke, was the most special member of the family. Inspired by this, Lincoln decides he wants to become the new duke of Loch Loud. Angus also explains to Lynn Jr., Lana, and Lily that their ancestors had a pet dragon, who gave birth to a new one before their ancestors left. Bringing them to a cave in the castle courtyard where the family dragon once lived, Angus finds that the dragon's egg has already hatched. They then find the newly-hatched baby dragon, whom Lily names Lela, and show her to the rest of the family. During dinnertime, Lily feeds some burritos to Lela, and finds that she gets bigger whenever she eats. Later that night, Lucy, trying to contact her deceased ancestors, successfully summons the ghost of the ancestor she resembles, Lucille.

The next day, as Morag laments having to put up with the Loud kids' shenanigans, Lincoln goes around Loch Loud, trying to get the villagers to support him as the new duke, which he at first attempts by giving them free breakfast burritos and showing off his magic tricks. Angus reminds him that what he should do is put the citizens' needs before his, and Lincoln manages to win the villagers' favor by fixing the broken half of a bridge ("I'm Gonna Be the Duke"). However, Morag ruins the moment by reminding Lincoln that he is only staying in Scotland for a week. Taking a suggestion from Angus, Lincoln makes a slideshow presentation convincing his family that they should just move to Scotland (the clincher being that he reminds them that their house back in Royal Woods only has one bathroom). Soon after, a full-blown coronation is held for Lincoln officially becoming the new duke. During the ceremony, however, Morag is noticeably reluctant to crown Lincoln, and Lucille, observing from above, is baffled when Morag mentions that the royal family from 400 years ago got lost during a boat trip.

The 1600s Loud family.png

With Lincoln now titled as the duke, the Louds bask in their new lifestyle ("Loud Castle"), but unbeknownst to them, Morag retreats to a far-away cliff to scream out her hatred of the Louds, and then digs up something nearby. Back at the castle, Lucille informs Lucy that Morag was actually lying about the royal family getting lost. Through a flashback, Lucille reveals that she and her family were actually coming home from a trip, but were forced into exile when their pet dragon, Lolo, suddenly turned against them and forced Lucille's brother, the Duke, to give up his crown. When Lucy questions why that happened, Lucille believes they might find out from the journal belonging to her family's caretaker and Morag's ancestor, Aggie. However, it is then revealed that Aggie's journal is in the hole that Morag is currently digging up. Another flashback then reveals that Aggie had taken control of Lolo using a gem called the Dragon Stone that, when placed in the royal scepter, turns any dragon evil. To make matters worse, Aggie left the Dragon Stone inside her journal, and Morag has decided to use it to get rid of the Louds.

Lincoln gives Clyde a phone call to relay the news that he and his family are royalty and have moved in to the castle. Morag, eavesdropping on the conversation, overhears Lincoln saying that, now that he's the duke, he no longer feels overshadowed by his sister. This gives Morag an idea on how to enact her evil plan ("The Duchess I Will Be"). After keeping Aggie's journal hidden when Lucy and Lucille ask her about it, Morag suggests to Luna that that she and her other sisters should present their talents to the citizens of Loch Loud so they can let their true selves be known to the public. Luna, excited about this news, immediately relays it to the other sisters. Meanwhile, in Lincoln's room, Lincoln and Lily are showing Angus a magic trick where they swap the crown with a breakfast burrito. When Angus reminds him that doing his royal duties will make the people happy, as they've been waiting for 400 years for a new duke, Lincoln agrees to help out.

Later, in Loch Loud, Lincoln is at work cleaning a chimney, when a flyer suddenly flies into his face, showing only his sisters. Lincoln quickly runs into the town center and discovers to his horror that his sisters are showing off their talents and skills to everyone in Loch Loud. Back at the castle, Lincoln complains that he's once again overshadowed by his sisters. Morag, faking pity for him, gestures to a painting showing the duke riding on top of his dragon, giving Lincoln the idea that he should ride the now-fully-grown Lela in the same way.

Lincoln abdicates the throne after Morag tricks him into wrecking the town.

But soon, as Lincoln is riding Lela and showing off some tricks to the people, Morag, hiding in an alley, places the Dragon Stone into the royal scepter. Lela, now under the gem's power, begins flying in whichever direction Morag moves the scepter, which Lincoln can't control. Morag proceeds to make a mess of Loch Loud by guiding Lela into the buildings, destroying and/or heavily wrecking them. This gets the townsfolk to furiously turn against Lincoln, angrily chewing him out for wrecking the town and making him run away crying. As his concerned family follows him, Morag takes the gemstone out of the royal scepter, causing Lela to revert back to normal and fly away in shame. Lincoln's family and Angus try to cheer him up, offering to help him rebuild the town, but Lincoln sorrowfully decides he doesn't deserve to be the duke and relinquishes the crown, asking his family if they can go home now.

Before long, the Louds board a boat and start leaving Scotland. Morag, gleeful that she has successfully exiled the Louds, proceeds to burn Aggie's journal in the fireplace to remove any evidence of her wrongdoings. Unbeknownst to her, however, Lucille retrieves the journal and, looking through it, learns that Aggie betrayed the family. Outside the castle, Morag tells the villagers that, before the Louds left, they said that she should be the duchess of Loch Loud, and promptly has herself crowned. However, Angus objects, informing everyone that he was with the Louds the entire time and they never gave Morag permission to be the duchess. Seeing that everyone in Loch Loud trusts the honest groundskeeper, Morag braggingly admits that Angus' statement is true, and when the crowd turns against her, she uses her Dragon Stone to summon a now-enormous Lela against them.

As the Loud family sadly sails away from Loch Loud, Lucille hurriedly catches up with them and reveals to them about the Dragon Stone and that Morag betrayed them to take the crown for herself. Piecing everything together, Lincoln realizes that's why his flight with Lela was so catastrophic, but he still believes he's to blame, since he let Morag manipulate him, and says that he must fix things. The sisters volunteer to help him, since he's always helped them. The Loud kids (minus Lily) row back to Loch Loud in a dinghy, where they witness the citizens attempting to flee in boats. Arriving at the dock, Angus is surprised to the kids return, and Lincoln reveals that he and his sisters have a plan to get the royal scepter out of Morag's hands and stop her tyranny once and for all. Back on the ship, Rita and Lynn Sr. are confused by an array of emojis they got from Leni, and when they question what it means, Lily, the only kid still on the boat, tells them that they went back to Loch Loud, prompting the panic-stricken parents to immediately turn around and head back as well.

Morag, having been alerted to the Loud kids' return, rides on Lela to investigate and tells the Loud kids to show themselves. On cue, the Louds enact their plan to get the scepter out of Morag's hands. This ranges from Luan making insulting jokes about Morag, Luna blasting her and Lela with her speakers, Lori and Lynn hurling golf balls and soccer balls at her, Leni tossing a giant tarp onto her and Lela's head, and Lola blinding Morag with her shiny teeth (magnified by Lisa's glasses). Lucy then calls out to Morag, telling her to catch her. Swiftly, Lucy is grabbed by Lucille, prompting the crazed duchess and the dragon to chase after them. During the chase, Lincoln jumps onto Lela's back and stealthily approaches the villainess. When Morag orders Lela to fire at Lucy and Lucille, Lincoln immediately tackles her, attempting to get the royal scepter out of her hands. As they fight, Lela ends up crashing through the castle wall, during which the crown falls off Morag, and Lincoln lands hard enough to get knocked out.

The rest of the Louds and Angus quickly rush to the castle, having witnessed Lincoln, Morag and Lela crashing there. Arriving in the courtyard, they spot the unconscious Lincoln and quickly rush over to him, but are suddenly stopped by the still-possessed Lela. Morag and Lela trap them in a corner, and Morag orders Lela to kill them all with her fire breath. Luckily, Lincoln, having regained consciousness, quickly jumps into the line of fire with the crown before Lela can fire, prompting Morag to hastily stop Lela from attacking. Lincoln tells Morag that if she wants the crown, she'll have to get it from him first. He quickly runs through the hole they crashed through earlier, and as Lela crawls through, her large size causes the damaged wall to collapse, stopping the family and Angus from reaching them. Morag begins to trudge Lincoln towards the edge of a cliff, and attempts to derail his self-worth by telling him that he'll never be special. Suddenly, Lincoln witnesses Lily approaching (having crawled through the rubble that she was small enough to fit through), and proceeds to stall Morag by showing off some of his magic tricks, giving Lily enough time to switch out the Dragon Stone with a burrito. Lela, now back to her normal state and at Lily's command, destroys the Dragon Stone with her fire breath. Morag, at her wit's end, proceeds to fight the crown out of Lincoln's hands, causing them and Lily to accidentally fall off the cliff. As Lincoln and Lily brace for impact, Lela swiftly catches them (on her back) and Morag (with her claws) and flies them back to the courtyard.

Lela saves Lincoln and Lily.png

The citizens arrive, thanking the Louds for saving their home. Lela, having caught the the crown with her tail, hands it to Lincoln so he can resume his duties as the duke. But Lincoln, after some postulating, admits that he originally wanted to be the duke as it would mean he would get to feel as special as his sisters, but realized that he was only thinking about himself and not the others, and he decides that, since Angus knows what it truly means to wear the crown, he is appointing him as the new duke. Angus initially declines the offer, believing he's just a simple groundskeeper, but after being told by the citizens how much he does for the town, and with the blessing of all the ghosts of the Louds' ancestors (especially the Duke), Angus agrees to take on the new role. Lela then takes Morag and drops her off on a small rock island far away from Loch Loud, inhabited by a family of constantly-barking seals. The sisters compliment Lincoln by saying that passing the crown to Angus was so honorable of him. Lincoln confesses that he feels this way because they're all talented in some way, and are constantly praised, while he has nothing to show, making him feeling like he's not special as them. However, the sisters tell him that he is special, as he's always looking out for them every single day, and that's why he's the most special brother to them. Moved by their words, Lincoln declares that he's good with that. The next day, the Louds, Angus, Lela, the citizens and the ghosts of the ancestors all work together to repair all the damage in Loch Loud ("My Way Back Home"). Afterward, the Louds sail off for home, waving goodbye to the citizens and their ghostly ancestors at the dock. Shortly after they've left, Bobby arrives in Loch Loud via submarine, but is dismayed to learn that he just missed seeing Lori.

During the credits, Clyde presents Lincoln with an array of "welcome home" cream puffs, Lori reunites with Bobby, Leni is in a long-distance relationship with Scott (a boy she fell in love with in Scotland), Lincoln wins a third-place trophy for his magic act, Lela has laid three eggs, Lynn Sr. still embraces his Scottish heritage by wearing his kilt (much to Rita's embarrassment), Angus and the ancestors work hard to keep Loch Loud in top form, and Morag, having been picked up by Angus in what appears to be a form of forgiveness, is now serving the ancestors (much to her frustration), under the watchful eye of Lela to make sure she doesn't do any more misdeeds ("Let's Get Lost Together").


Initially, it was announced that the movie would be distributed theatrically by Paramount Pictures on February 7, 2020. It has since been postponed and put on hold without a further premiere date. On January 18, 2019, Deadline Hollywood reported that the movie had been removed from Paramount's schedule.[1]

On February 5, 2019, it was announced by Viacom CEO Bob Bakish that the film would instead be released on the streaming service Netflix.[2]

A teaser trailer was released on April 27, 2021. The official trailer was released on July 26, 2021.


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The soundtrack was released digitally on the same day as the movie itself. In addition, a full digital album of the movie's score was released on September 24, 2021.


  • This is the third Nickelodeon Movies film to use the current logo with SpongeBob, after The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run and PAW Patrol: The Movie.
  • Due to this not being a theatrical release, this is also the first Nickelodeon Movies film to not have Paramount Pictures mentioned or attached in anyway, receive an MPA rating (despite the 1967 MPA logo appearing in the end credits), and the first to currently not have a critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • This film was also made by the British charitable organization British Film Institute (after to use with Aardman's Early Man and other movies that are related).
  • The newspaper that Mr. Grouse is reading in the opening scene includes references to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the "Four armed turtles found in sewer" headline), SpongeBob SquarePants (the "Advice from Gary" column), and Rugrats (the "Reptar XII crushes box office records" headline).
  • This film's set-up is similar to the episode "Making the Case", as they both involve Lincoln realizing that he has nothing to show while his ten sisters are all beloved because of some sort of achievement or accomplishment.
  • This is the third time that Lincoln feels overshadowed by his sisters. (The first two were in "Making the Case" and "Kings of the Con".)


Voice actor Character
Asher Bishop Lincoln
The Duke
David Tennant Angus
Michelle Gomez Morag
Jill Talley Rita
1600s Rita
Brian Stepanek Lynn Sr.
1600s Lynn Sr.
Catherine Taber Lori
Liliana Mumy Leni
1600s Leni
Nika Futterman Luna
Cristina Pucelli Luan
Jessica DiCicco Lynn
Grey Griffin Lola
Lara Jill Miller Lisa
1600s Lisa
Katy Townsend Lucille
Mrs. Scroggins
Old Aggie
Andre Robinson Clyde
Carlos PenaVega Bobby
Izabella Alvarez Ronnie Anne
Billy Boyd[3] Scott
Additional voices
Jan Johns Lela the Dragon
Lolo the Dragon
Candi Milo Submarine captain
Additional voices
Carlos Alazraqui Bell ringer
Additional voices
Debra Wilson Nana May
Nana Collette
Nana Helene
Mrs. Turnberry
Ruth Connell Chip Shoppe Owner
Car Driver
Additional voices
Tru Valentino Fish Shoppe Owner
Additional voices
Peter Ettinger Uncle Jack's nephew
Additional voices

Note: Howard and Harold McBride, Flip, Bud Grouse, Sam Sharp, Kotaro, Gayle McBride, Kat, an unnamed Great Lakes City woman, and the 1600s versions of Lori, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lana, Lola and Lily appear, but do not have speaking parts.




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