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The Loud House Movie
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Directed by: Kyle Marshall
Produced by: Karen Malach
Amanda Rynda (executive)
Written by: Billy Frolick (story)
Darin McGowan (story/written by)
Jorge R. Gutiérrez (story/written by)
Celia Kendrick (story/written by)
Brian Morante (story/written by)
Music by: Doug Rockwell
Editing by: Ryan Hanson
Wellington Sanipe
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
Nickelodeon Movies
Paramount Animation
Release date: TBA
Lucy's crystal ball
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This article is about a Nickelodeon show, movie, episode, or product that has not yet premiered or been released. Information may change as the release date nears.

The Loud House Movie is an upcoming animated comedy film based on the popular Nickelodeon series The Loud House. The film will be produced by Nickelodeon Movies, while being distributed by Paramount Pictures. Paramount announced that it should be released by February 7, 2020, but as of May 2018 it has been postponed and put on hold without a further premiere date. This will be the first animated Nickelodeon film to be based off of a 2010's series.


It is currently unknown who will be voicing Lincoln in the movie, as he has previously been voiced by Sean Ryan Fox, Grant Palmer, and Collin Dean, and as of 2018 is now voiced by Tex Hammond, due to the previous actors' voices changing. Likewise, the role of Clyde McBride transitioned from Caleel Harris to Andre Robinson in the third season episode "Head Poet's Anxiety" due to Harris' voice changing. Which actors will be credited for the role will be determined by when the lines for Lincoln and Clyde are recorded.

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