The Loud House Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is, as its title suggests, the digital soundtrack album for The Loud House Movie. It features all of the songs featured in the movie (though not specifically in the order the songs are played in the movie) plus three pieces of the movie's score.

Track listing

# Track title Performed by Length
1 Life is Better Loud Doug Rockwell & Michelle Lewis 2:29
2 Ordinary Me Asher Bishop (as Lincoln) 1:26
3 This Town is Named for You David Tennant (as Angus), Cast and Distant Cousins 1:42
4 Loud Castle Doug Rockwell 1:23
5 The Duchess I Will Be Michelle Gomez (as Morag) 1:59
6 I'm Gonna Be the Duke Asher Bishop (as Lincoln) 2:04
7 Now or Never Oh, Hush! x graywolfe 1:18
8 My Way Back Home Tide Lines 2:43
9 Let's Get Lost Together Distant Cousins 1:17
10 Welcome to Scotland! Philip White 2:23
11 Lincoln Rides the Dragon 3:45
12 Morag's Last Stand 3:52