The Maroons are a completely idiotic family on an All That skit who doesn't cook properly, wear their clothes inside out, never cleans their house, has breakfast at night, falls down the stairs, and many other stupid things. The family consists of:

  • Mr. Grover Maroon (played by Tim Goodwin): The father who wears a bra on his shirt.
  • Mrs. Fern Maroon (played by Lori Beth Denberg): The mother who shouts through cupboards and refrigerators whenever someone rings the doorbell.
  • Emily Maroon (played by Josh Server): The son who laughs a lot and never wears pants. (Season 3)
  • Chuck Maroon (played by Alisa Reyes): The only daughter who plays with her fingers a lot.
  • Lump Maroon (played by Kel Mitchell): The other son who only yells "JUPITER"! He also appears in other random sketches. For example, Lump is a student at Dullmont and attends a class of dimwits and wears normal clothes instead of inside-out clothes at school. Lump once appeared on a game show and answered every question with "JUPITER!", but he drew a blank for the one question where that was the correct answer. After "The Maroons" sketch was dropped, Lump made appearances in other sketches where one of the sketches involve him being a cousin of a southern trailer family.
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