"The Milk Bucket of Freydís" is the 75th episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Moat Crossing

The Moat design was interesting; the players each had a stack of floating rings they could stand on as they hung from a rod and climbed hand over hand across the Moat, but they didn't actually need to use the floating rings, they could go on without them and not be sent back. The Red Jaguars, Green Monkeys, Silver Snakes, and Purple Parrots were the first four teams to make it across in that order.

1st Red Jaguars 0:37
2nd Green Monkeys 0:45
3rd Silver Snakes 0:48
4th Purple Parrots 0:50

Steps of Knowledge

The toughest, sturdiest, fiercest Viking of them all was the sister of Leif Erikson. Her name was Freydís. She led a band of Vikings to Leif's new settlement in Newfoundland. Legend has it that she worked harder than all of the men put together. She could chop a tree into firewood in no time flat, and she could rope a calf in under a minute.

"Freydís," her husband Ulf asked one day, "Why is the cow all trussed up like that?"

"She wouldn't sit still for the milking. You can let her go now."

But when Ulf went into the backyard to free the cow, out of nowhere, a band of hostile Eskimos called Skraelings attacked.

"Run!" yelled Ulf. But Freydís was not in the mood. She beat her chest with both fists and turned on the Skraelings with a ferocious yell, conking two on the head with her milk bucket and wrestling two more to the ground. The Skraeling were so startled, they ran back to their boats and left, and Freydís' milk bucket disappeared in the fray.

Red Jaguars Green Monkeys Purple Parrots Silver Snakes
1st - Correct
1st - Incorrect 2nd - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct

Temple Games

Viking Helmets (Swinging Sandbags)

The Vikings wore horned helmets when they ventured forth into the New World. Like them, Chris and Joshua's task was to explore further and further into the New World, gathering horns for their helmets at each stop. When Kirk gave the signal, each player had to crawl to the first cube and grab his first horn and go back to his starting point to put it on his helmet and move on to the next cube to grab the next horn. As they moved back and forth, they had to avoid the swinging sandbags. If either player got hit, he had to return to his starting point and start the trip again. The player to gather all their horns and return safely or the player who was furthest along in 60 seconds won. Both players tied with two horns on each of their helmets, awarding each of them a half pendant of life.

Freydís's Cows (Squirting Statue)

Cows usually wear bells around their necks so they can be found easily while they're lost. Before Tarrah and Jennifer were the heads of two of Freydís's cows. When Kirk gave the signal, each player had to grab a bell, shinny up the cow's backbone, and put the bell on her neck. Since the cows are nervous Guernseys, they would squirt at the players on their way up, so the players had to hold on tight. If either player's feet touched the floor, she had to return to her starting point and start again. The player with the most bells on the cow's neck in 60 seconds won. After placing her first bell, Jennifer kept on touching the floor and was only able to get that one bell on the cow, awarding Tarrah, who managed to get two bells on the cow, a half pendant of life.

Stone Markers (Boat)

The Vikings marked their settlement in Newfoundland with a stone marker (reference to The Stone Marker of Leif Erikson, which also featured a Viking legend). The teams' task was to bring a stone marker to the New World. When Kirk gave the signal, they had to push their boats off and row over to the coast of the New World. Once they reached the settlement at the end, they had to plant their stone marker, turn their boat around, grab the rope, and pull themselves back to Greenland. If their feet touched the water, they had to return to the island and start again. The team to plant their stone marker and return to the dock in 60 seconds won. The Purple Parrots made it back to Kirk with 39 seconds of spare time, awarding them a full pendant of life, sending them to Olmec's temple with two full pendants.

Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Pendants Won
Purple Parrots Tied Won Won 2 Pendants
Silver Snakes Tied Lost Lost ½ Pendant

Temple Run

This temple run was exciting because it had quite a close finish, but it was also quite funny. Tarrah was somewhat of a slow player who took a wrong turn at least once, but she succeeded nonetheless. After grabbing the artifact and running down to the Pit, the frontrunner ran to the edge of the chasm between the two rock ledges, and jumped, only to fall flat against the facing of the second ledge! It was quite a fall; not only did she tumble to the ground, but she also broke the Milk Bucket itself on the fall! Anyway, she made her way through the Ledges and ran out the gates for the solo one-second win.


Winning Team Purple Parrots
Contestants Chris & Tarrah
Result Solo Victory (0:01 left)
Pendants of Life 2
Artifact Location The Observatory
Temple Guard Locations

The Laser Light Room

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Legends of the Hidden Temple Milk Bucket of Freydis

Legends of the Hidden Temple Milk Bucket of Freydis


  • This is one of two solo victories where the team had two pendants. The other run is The Belly Button of Buddha.
    • This episode is very similar to that one for the following reasons:
      • The Winning teams came in first in the Steps of Knowledge.
      • Both teams won 2 pendants in the temple games.
      • The results of the games were a tie in the first Game, the winning team winning the other two.
      • Both artifacts were located in the Observatory.
      • Both runs were successful solos performed by the female players.
      • Both players entered the same rooms on route to their artifacts
  • This was the final time that the temple was completed with only 1 second remaining.
    • This was also the longest solo victory in the show's history as well as the only Purple Parrot solo run and the only Purple Parrot victory to feature an artifact placed in a room other than the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.
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