The Music of Rugrats: A Live Adventure is a soundtrack album containing most (but not all) of the songs featured in Rugrats: A Live Adventure. Of the songs featured in the show, only two are not included here - "I've Been a Very Bad Girl" and "Princess Angelica Says". Also, the order of the songs presented here is not the same order as in the show itself.

Track list

# Song
1 Movers' Rap
2 Rugrats Theme
3 Nothing to Be Escared Of
4 A Great Idea Can Change the World
5 Shine Your Light
6 Princess of the World, Part 1
7 If I Could Count to Two
8 He's Reptar
9 Everybody Say
10 Shine Your Light - Gospel Reprise
11 Bee Samba
12 Princess of the World, Part 2
13 If I Could Count to Two (Reprise)

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