"The Odd Couple" is the first segment of the 46th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


After another torturous day with Vicky, Timmy believes that wishing up a boyfriend for Vicky would turn her attention to him rather than Timmy, therefore stopping her from tormenting him. Cosmo and Wanda poof up Ricky, a lying thief whose wicked personality matches Vicky's perfectly, and Vicky falls in love with him immediately due to their similar interests. Unfortunately for Timmy, the duo actually causes him twice as much misery than when only Vicky was around. Quickly regretting his wish, Timmy wishes that Ricky was gone, but his fairy godparents are unable to grant his wish because they cannot interfere with true love.

Hoping to prove that Ricky does not really love Vicky, Timmy decides to spy on the couple. Noticing that Ricky continuously steals from Vicky, Timmy is able to prove that Ricky only loves Vicky for her money and he wishes that the evil duo were separated, only to get his request rejected again since Vicky was still in love with Ricky.

Coming up with a devious plan, Timmy goes to an online dating site to find Ricky another sweetheart with lots of money. He first creates an account for Ricky as a guy who just want girls with money, only to get zero responses. After Timmy's failed attempt, Wanda informs him to make Ricky sound attractive to somebody other than Vicky, and she types in a description about Ricky, pretending that he was wonderful in every way. Soon enough, the responses are rolling in and many appeared to be beautiful, rich girls. Timmy decides to choose a rich and gorgeous lady named Dolores Day, even though her voice seemed a little off and familiar. Later, Timmy calls Ricky into his room and tells him about Dolores. Seeing that she was both pretty and had millions of dollars, Ricky presses the button to marry her. Soon enough, a car appears outside the Turners' house and a figure wearing a wedding gown and a veil over her face is sitting in the drivers' seat. Before getting in the car with his new wife, Ricky steals the remainder of Vicky's babysitting money and then jumps in the car. However, much to his disgust and dismay, he discovers that Dolores is actually Mr. Crocker's old mother, Dolores Day-Crocker, who spends her money on blood transfusions and prune juice. He is last seen being driven away with his wife, Dolores, and his new stepson, Mr. Crocker, while screaming in terror. Running after her ex-boyfriend, Vicky cries for him to come back, but realizing her efforts were futile, she quickly becomes enraged and directs her anger and fury at Timmy.

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