"The Perfect Twins" is the 159th episode of Rugrats.


Betty's relatives from England come to America to pay a visit. Coming along are their kids -- Smedley and Hedley -- who are also fraternal twins like Phil and Lil. Unlike Phil and Lil, Smedley & Hedley dress differently, behave properly, keep clean, and finish each other's sentences without delay or incorrectness; therefore, they consider such "twinny" behavior a sign that they are "perfect twins". This eventually led to Lil wanting to be as prim and proper as Smedley & Hedley, while Phil decides to remain as messy and disorderly as usual.

Meanwhile, Winifred, the British twins' mother, tries to sell Betty on her method of raising twins -- a method that Betty steadfastly refuses to subscribe to.

Also, Betty gets the neighbors to pose as her relatives, as her real relatives didn't come, due to Howard's cheap invitation software that he bought at a dollar store.

And, Angelica, dressed as a princess for a dance recital, tricks Smedley & Hedley into believing that she's queen of History. And as a result, they do everything she says, even bad things that they feel aren't proper.

Later, the cake Betty presented was in the form of Buckingham Palace but Howard noticed his video camera was nearly dead so no one could eat it.

However, Queen Angelica (unaware that Betty clearly stated that no one could eat or take the cake) sent Hedley and Smedley and Lil to get the cake. Once Hedley and Smedley took the cake, they left  Lil holding the bag (really meaning they left Lil to take the blame). Phil, Chuckie and Kimi try to get Lil back out of trouble by tricking Hedley and Smedley that Queen Angelica likes a "special dance" (according to the little Watanabe-Finster). They lead Hedley and Smedley into dancing until they do a somersault causing the cake (they had placed in their pockets earlier) to fall. Winnie was horrified. Betty, guilty for what she had done earlier, takes Lil out and sends her back to Phil. Hedley and Smedley argue as they throw mud at each other much to the surprise of a returning Winifred. Betty calms her down and talks about twins. Phil and Lil then get back together and start a huge row at how Phil is a nutter in the end.

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