"The Plumed Headdress of Cosa-Rara" is the 61st episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Moat Crossing

In this Moat, teammates cross the water simultaneously by swinging on multiple "ancient Babylonian wheels."

1st Blue Barracudas 0:12
2nd Green Monkeys 0:19
3rd Silver Snakes 0:22
4th Red Jaguars 0:56

Steps of Knowledge

In the 1860s, one of the most famous kings of Europe was "Mad King" Ludwig II of Bavaria. He built three elaborate castles, one of which had a mirrored dining hall lit by over four thousand candles. Legend has it that on a typical night, the table, which was long enough to seat one hundred people, was set for only two, and at the far end sat Ludwig. Suddenly his horse, Cosa-Rara, entered the dining room.

"Ah," said Ludwig, "Cosa-Rara, my honored guest."

"*Neigh*!" said the horse, placing her front hooves on the table.

"Yes, I'm very hungry as well," said the king, and he ladled up some soup for the horse. "Do you think we should plant roses in the south garden?"

The king chattered on to Cosa-Rara, whose only response was an occasional "*Neigh*!" Just before dessert, the king said: "I have a present for you, Cosa-Rara." And he placed a plumed headdress on Cosa-Rara's head. Eventually Ludwig was declared insane, and the headdress disappeared.

Red Jaguars Blue Barracudas Green Monkeys Silver Snakes
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Incorrect 2nd - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Correct

Temple Games

Who Can Ride Cosa-Rara? (Spinning Horses)

Cosa-Rara was a spirited horse who wouldn't let just anyone ride her. Here, Mary and Jessie had to prove their horsemanship by mastering the spinning horse. Both players were mounted on the horse, and they had to hold on tight since the horse started to spin when Kirk gave the signal. The player who stayed on the horse in 60 seconds or the player who stayed on the longest won. Jessie fell off with 18 seconds of spare time, awarding Mary a half pendant of life.

Tall-Toothed Turrets (Pole)

Mad King Ludwig built three enormous castles with tall-toothed turrets. The stones that make the teeth are called merlons. Before each player stood a toothless turret, which Danny and Justin had to add the merlons to the top. When Kirk gave the signal, each player had to grab a merlon, stick it to his helmet, climb the turret, place the merlon on one of the four sides of the cube, then come back down to do it again. The first player with all four of his merlons at the top of his turret or the player further along in 60 seconds won. Justin placed his fourth and final merlon with 23 seconds of spare time, awarding him a half pendant of life.

Light the Candelabra (Giant Steps)

In Ludwig's day, the only way to light his castle was with a candelabra like the one at the top of the giant steps before both teams. When Kirk gave the signal, one member from each team had to boost the other up to the top of the first step in Ludwig's castle. Once up, he/she had to turn and pull his/her partner up then start again. Once both players have reached the top, they had to light the candelabra. The team to do so won. The Green Monkeys made it to the top and lit the candelabra, awarding them a full pendant of life, sending them to Olmec's temple with 1½ pendants.

Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Pendants Won
Blue Barracudas Won Lost Lost ½ Pendant
Green Monkeys Lost Won Won 1½ Pendants

Temple Run

The Temple Run definitely wasn't the best, but the team didn't make any real mistakes. Justin made great time through the Temple. He started in the Ledges, put rocks into the Rock Quarry bucket two at a time and pointed out the half Pendant on the Laser Light Room actuator before going on and meeting his first Temple Guard in the Laser Lights with 2:26 to go. The Temple design forced the Green Monkeys to scale the entire central shaft; after passing through the Observatory and smashing one of the King's Storeroom pots, a second guard took him out with 1:41 to spare. Jessie was a much slower contestant than Justin, however, and this cost the team. She did grab the half Pendant that Justin pointed out, but slowed down as she climbed up the ladders of the central shaft and got a little confused in the King's Storeroom, trying to hit the inactive Shrine actuator at first. This was her only bad move aside from moving slowly throughout, however. She eventually found the key and placed it in the correct pedestal, but time ran out mere seconds before she jammed down the head of the silver monkey. Kirk claimed the team was only two rooms away, but we never got to see whether the diagonal door connecting the Shrine of the Silver Monkey and the Mine Shaft actually opened. It's a shame, really, because this team knew what they were doing; it was only a lack of speed on Jessie's part that cost them.


Winning Team Green Monkeys
Contestants Justin & Jessie
Result Failed Acquisition
Pendants of Life 1½ + ½
Artifact Location The Mine Shaft
Temple Guard Locations

The Laser Light Room

The King's Storeroom

The Lightning Room

Half Pendant Location The Rock Quarry

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Legends of the Hidden Temple Plumed Headdress of Cosarara

Legends of the Hidden Temple Plumed Headdress of Cosarara


  • The sound that played when the Green Monkeys lit the candelabra was the same sound used for when a contestant successfully assembled the Silver Monkey.
  • Goof: When Olmec was telling everybody where the plumed headdress was and during the temple games, the Lost Lion Tail of Little John was in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.
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