The Rugrats Movie is a traditional 8-bit 2D video game based loosely on the film of the same name, originally released on the Game Boy shortly following the film's release. A colorized version was released on the Game Boy Color a few months later.


Tommy's little brother Dil has vanished without a trace and it is up to the Rugrats to find him. The game features eight levels including Pickles house, the hospital, woods, and ancient ruins. There are two levels in which the player drives the Reptar Wagon in a top-down perspective, but the rest features standard side-scrolling platform gameplay. In each level the player has to collect specific items and get to the exit before time runs out.


IGN's Peer Schneider graded the Game Boy Color game with an overall score of 5 out of 10.[1] Schneider states that the game doesn't have much "to hold the attention of older game", but that "kids will love the easy gameplay, recognizable characters and memorable Rugrats tunes". He closes with saying that "unless you're looking for something to entertain and challenge at the same time, parents can't go wrong in buying the game for their kids."[1] Writing for GameSpot, Cameron Davis gave the Game Boy Color version a mixed review, stating that it wasn't "groundbreaking or innovative", but that the game "does what it sets out to do well".[2] Davis noted that the game was aimed at children and praised the "difficulty level" as being "set just right", so that "younger players can explore the levels in comfort thanks to the good collision detection and responsive controls, while those with a bit more Game Boy experience can use the generous time limits to ferret out hidden objects". The game overall was given a 6.2 by the critic.[2] On aggregator site GameRankings, the Game Boy version is rated as a 55%[3] while the Game Boy Color version earned a 61.75%.[4]


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