"The Same Game" is the second segment of the 6th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


The episode starts out with Timmy and his friends playing a game of "Timmy Ball," which basically is just Timmy hitting his friends with his purple bouncy ball in order to score points and win. While they are busy having fun, Timmy accidentally kicks his ball over a wooden security fence into the yard of the "Evil Doctor Bender."


Timmy and his friends standing outside Dr. Bender's creepy home.

Timmy sees no big deal; however, his friends are terrified warning him that Doctor Bender is a mean dentist. His friends run away in fright while Timmy enters the yard via a loose board in the fence.

Upon entering, Timmy spots his ball lying in the grass; however, when he attempt to go get it, his ankle gets caught in a giant set of novelty teeth. It is then that Doctor Bender appears asking Timmy, "Is this your ball on my lawn, and your ankle in my trap?" However, when Timmy attempts to answer, Doctor Bender insults Timmy's terrible teeth. Annoyed, Timmy asks for his ball back, but Doctor Bender refuses, saying that only little boys with teeth as perfect as his could play with a ball as nice as Timmy's. When Timmy demands to know who has teeth as good as his (the dentist's), Doctor Bender than introduces his son, Wendell and gives him Timmy's ball to play with. Cosmo and Wanda poof away the teeth entrapping Timmy's leg, and the boy confronts them; however, they merely send their dog after him, and the dog chases Timmy out of the yard.

Later on at home, Timmy is sitting at the kitchen table, looking into a reflection of himself in the back of a spoon. Wanda attempts to console him by saying that if he's upset he can just wish for another ball, but Timmy tells informs her that the ball wasn't what was bothering him. It was the fact that they kept the ball just because they didn't like his teeth. A little bit later, Timmy's mom pulls out something from the oven, telling her family that she had just enough time to make her Pink Flamingo Casserole when she got home from work, but when she brings it to the table, the casserole collapses on the plate into a pile of grey mush. Timmy's dad states, "Ew, that casserole is gray." But when he receives a reprimanding look from his wife he adds the "t" sound to make it sound like he said "great." They laugh and then decide to just have Chinese food instead.

After dinner, when Timmy goes back to his room, he's talking to his fairies when suddenly a pair of novelty clacking teeth are thrown through his bedroom window with a note attached to it that says "teeth." Another pair crashes through the window that says "stupid," and finally another pair that says "big". (The chattering teeth may have meant to say "big stupid teeth.") Confused, Timmy then


Timmy as a dull, grey blob.

hears outside, "You might need to put those in the correct order!" Thus seeing Doctor Bender and his son ride away on a little motorcycle. Completely angered, Timmy decides that they couldn't make fun of him if everyone looked alike, so he makes a wish stating that he wished everyone and everything looked exactly the same. When the wish is granted, Timmy and all the people of Dimmsdale are nothing more than grey blobs that live in a gray world. Excited, Timmy rushes outside only to realize his godparents are gone. Cosmo and Wanda, now unable to tell which blob is Timmy, are searching all over Dimmsdale for their godchild. They rush upto a blob asking if he's Timmy, but the blob answers that his name is Chad. The next blob they encounter is Dominique, and the last blob they run into states in aggravation that he just told them his name was Chad. Cosmo whines that he hates this wish since they can't tell which blob is theirs. It is then, the two are suddenly poofed to Fairy World into a large building along with the rest of the fairies. Everyone was very confused about what was happening. Two female fairies begin talking to each other, the first stating that she just granted her kid a wish for a pony, but was now in Fairy World. Her companion states that she just granted her kid a wish for a ducky, but now she was in Fairy World. Then Cosmo states, "That's weird. We were just granting our kid a wish that everyone looked exactly the same and now we're in Fairy..." but trails off when he realizes the room has gone silent and everyone is glaring and him and his wife. Wanda asks if that was a bad thing, only to be answered by the hot-headed Jorgen Von Strangle, who cries out with a definitive "YES!" Jorgen tells Cosmo and Wanda that because of their wish none of the fairies can find their kids, and then asks, "Do you know what that is doing to the fairies?" As if in response, a fairy starts ballooning up beside them. Cosmo then cries, "Oh no! Magic build-up! That only happens when fairies can't grant wishes to their kids!" And the fairy explodes into a cloud of Fairy Dust. Jorgen laughs at this at first before pulling himself together and states, "Poor, little fairy." Wanda then turns to Cosmo and explains to him, while a few other fairies explode, that they have to get back to Dimmsdale and find Timmy before all the fairies explode. Cosmo then starts squeezing himself into a shape in the air, making pained noises, which causes Wanda to think her husband is about to explode from magic build-up. He then stops, saying "Just goofin' with ya, baby," and the two poof back to Dimmsdale. Back in Dimmsdale, Timmy is playing with his ball when another blob walks up and asks if he wants to play blob ball. Timmy responds by saying he only plays Timmy ball only for the other blob to ask "What's a Timmy?" before leaving. Timmy then says, "Man, this world reeks," before accidentally kicking his ball back into Doctor Bender's yard. He enters the yard, only to have Doctor Bender and his son snatch the ball away while saying, "Is this your ball on our lawn, and your gray on our gray?" Timmy then takes this chance to laugh because he thinks Bender can't make fun of him since they're both big, grey blobs. Doctor Bender corrects him, stating that they were actually the grayest and the blobbiest blobs. In a state of shock, Timmy states that everyone is exactly alike. Doctor Bender then disagrees and kicks Timmy out of his yard. Annoyed, Timmy decides he needs to find Cosmo and Wanda to unwish the wish, and heads back toward his home. Back in town, Cosmo and Wanda are still searching for Timmy. Cosmo rushes up to a blob on the curb asking if he's Timmy for him to reply that he's Chet. Wanda rushes up to the same blob also asking if he's Timmy, only for the blob to cry out in frustration that his name is Chet. A few awkward moments of silence pass by before Cosmo asks, "Now are you Timmy?" only for the blob to storm away. As soon as he leaves, Cosmo starts ballooning up, stating, "Oh no! Magic build-up!" Wanda turns away, saying that she isn't going to fall for that joke again; however, when Cosmo actually explodes she poofs up a jar, sweeps him inside, and states that if she explodes, then they'll never be able to find Timmy to fix this, then speeds off, desperate to find her godson. Back at home, Timmy is trying to find something that will get Cosmo and Wanda's attention when he finds them, but everything he finds is gray. When his mom asks him what he's looking for, he asks for a marker and some paper; however, he's annoyed when both the marker and the paper are grey. His dad then returns home from work, asking what's for dinner and his mom pulls out her grey-flamingo casserole from the oven. The two blobs laugh, and Timmy notices that his parents may be grey blobs, but they still act just like their goofy selves. Then he suddenly realized that that would mean his mom's casserole would collapse like always, and it, in fact, collapses on the plate into a pile of bright, pink mush, then the two adult blobs continue laughing. It is now that Timmy realized he only changed everyone's outward appearances, not their personalities, which was why his parents were "still goofy" and Bender was "still a jerk." He then asks to borrow his mother's casserole, then rushes outside with it. Once he's out on the streets of Dimmsdale, he fashions the casserole into his pink hat, so that his godparents can easily spot him. He rushes around the streets, calling for Cosmo and Wanda and yelling that he's different. Unfortunately, this causes all the blobs to get upset since he's no longer the same, and they all decide to gang up on him and "gray him up" again. Up in the sky, Wanda tells Cosmo that she still can't find Timmy, the starts contorting into odd shapes, stating that she's "starting to feel all explody." On the ground, just as Timmy was backed against a wall, he sees his godparents floating over head and calls out to them happily. When Wanda looked to the ground she smiled, saying "I see a little pink dot!" only for Cosmo to exclaim, "That's our little pink dot!" The two hurry and poof by his side with Timmy happily stating "You found me," and Cosmo telling him, "Of course. You stick out like a big, sore pink thumb." Wanda, now swelling up, and about to explode urges Timmy for "Less talky, more wishy." Timmy then wishes for the world to be back to way it should be, and just before she explodes, Wanda returns the world and people back to the way they should be (including Cosmo, since he's a fairy again.) Once he's back to normal Timmy happily exclaims, "My teeth! My head! My hat!" then catches sight of Wanda, who is a pile of pink fairy dust on the ground and says, "My gosh. What happened to you?", to which she responds, "Just make another wish." Back in front of Timmy's house, he Chester, and A.J. are all sitting on the sidewalk and heave a heavy sigh. Timmy's mom then walks over and asks why they aren't hitting each other in the head with Timmy's ball. He explains that Doctor Bender took it and wouldn't give it back. Unimpressed, Mrs. Turner then decides to go see if they can reason with him, and Timmy and his friends follow his mom down the street. When they arrive at Doctor Bender's home, he's busy degrading yet another child with bad teeth, taking the child's boomerang and giving it to his son to play with. The child runs away in tears and Timmy demands his ball back. Mrs. Turner walks over stating, "You must be Doctor Bender, and that must be Timmy's ball. May we have it back?" Doctor Bender answers her, respective to her questions, "Right, right, and no, Mama Tooth-Face." This annoys Mrs. Turner, informing the two that they clearly don't know the rules of Timmy Ball, and she takes the ball, and slams it down on top of Doctor Bender. She then tells Timmy that "perfect teeth might be nice, but if they're in a mouth that's mean, then they might as not be in the mouth at all." And she pulls the ball out of the dentist's mouth, which also pulls out his perfect dentures. She then taunts Dr. Bender by holding them up high above his head while he tries to get his dentures back. Timmy then takes a pair of novelty teeth, telling Wendell that he left them at his house, and puts them in the boy's pants. Wendell then runs away, claiming those don't belong in there. Now that everything was settled, Timmy's mom asks the boys if they want to play Timmy Ball, then hits each boy on top of the head. They then run down the street, closely followed by Mrs. Turner, who keeps throwing the ball at them as they run. When they're out of sight, Cosmo and Wanda fly up with Cosmo stating that if you're playing Timmy Ball, wear a helmet. Wanda then asks, "What about Wanda Ball?" Cosmo happily says, "I know that game!" Then Wanda informs him that instead of a ball she uses a cinder block. She then drops it on her husband's head, and she chases him down the street as he flies away shaking in fear before the screen fades to black.


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