The following is a list of episodes in the first season of The Secret World of Alex Mack.


Image # Title Original air date
Alex covered in waste 1 "The Accident" October 8, 1994
After a miserable first day of middle school, Alex Mack winds up getting drenched with an experimental chemical, an incident that would change her life forever.
Hoop War Title 2 "Hoop War" October 15, 1994
Having been framed for a cafeteria food fight they didn't commit, Alex and Ray challenge the real culprits to a game of basketball. Loser cleans all.
No Image 3 "Shock Value" October 22, 1994
Ever the procrastinator, Alex puts off her science project until the last moment. But when she presents her project with the help of her powers, then cannot come up with a viable explanation as to its remarkable result, Alex gets accused of cheating.
No Image 4 "The Videotape" November 5, 1994
During a class trip to Paradise Valley Chemical Plant, Alex unwittingly shows off her powers in front of a video camera. Now, she needs to sneak in and get the tape before Danielle Atron and her cronies, Vince Carter and Dave Watt, can get a chance to see it.
No Image 5 "School Dance" November 12, 1994
Alex is determined to go out to the school dance with Scott, but it doesn't help that there's someone else who wants to go out with her... and won't take no for an answer.
No Image 6 "Science Fair" November 19, 1994
Annie Mack's science project has been chosen as an entrant for the Plant's annual Science Fair. Naturally, Alex wants to stay as far away from that place as possible. But she is forced to, and must contend with Vince and Danielle, plus a rival entrant bent on destroying Annie's project.
No Image 7 "False Alarms" December 3, 1994
It's time for midterms at Atron Junior High, and Libby, the most popular kid at school, would rather skip than study. Looking to escape, Libby pulls the fire alarm and talks Alex into taking the blame.
No Image 8 "The Feud" December 10, 1994
Alex and Ray are usually the best of friends, but even friends have their fights. Alex, however, fears that Ray will rat her out to the Plant in retaliation.
No Image 9 "Alex and Mom" January 7, 1995
Alex "disorganizes" her mom's files after a huge fight, causing Barbara to nearly lose her job at the plant. A remorseful Alex tries to make amends when Barbara's final chance at saving face seems headed for disaster.
No Image 10 "Cold Day in Paradise Valley" January 14, 1995
Alex has a cold, and her powers are going berserk as a result. It also doesn't help that there's a spy for the Plant in the house.
No Image 11 "Annie Bails" January 21, 1995
Annie's making plans for her future, and Alex is trying to convince her not to go. It's an act of sisterly love, true, but it's mainly because Alex's powers are starting go crazy again.
No Image 12 "The Solo" January 28, 1995
Ray gets picked to perform at the school musical recital, but his stage fright acts up at the worst time. Can Alex save the show?
Road Trip Title 13 "Road Trip" February 4, 1995
Hoping to bond closer, Alex and her dad go on a road trip. The trip, however, proves to be a wild and crazy adventure.
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