Home video releases of The Secret World of Alex Mack.


Cover Title Released
SecretWorldOfAlexMack In the Nick of Time VHS.jpg In the Nick of Time January 30, 1996
Distributed by: Sony Wonder



Cover Title Released
AlexMack Season1 DVD.jpg The Complete First Season October 2, 2007
Distributed by: Genius Entertainment


Disc 1: Disc 2:
TheSecretWorldOfAlexMack Complete.jpg The Complete Series August 1, 2017
Distributed by: Mill Creek Entertainment


Disc 1:
  • "The Accident"
  • "Shock Value"
  • "Hoop War"
  • "Cold Day in Paradise Valley"
  • "False Alarms"
  • "School Dance"
  • "Science Fair"
  • "Alex and Mom"
  • "The Feud"
  • "The Videotape"
  • "The Solo"
  • "Annie Bails"
  • "Road Trip"

Disc 2:

Disc 3:

Disc 4:

Disc 5:

Disc 6:

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