The URL with Phred Show is an American television series originally airing on Noggin. It acts as a spin-off series to Phred on Your Head Show and aired from September 10, 2001 until March 31, 2002.

Unlike Phred on Your Head Show, the show focuses on user-submitted content (often artwork presented through The URL in the series' title is stated by Phred to stand for "U R Live," in addition to referencing the show's focus on Web content.


Phred hosts a televised art showcase in between viewings of other Noggin shows.


The show is hosted by Phred, a former pickle mascot who lives in the dot of His co-hosts are two alien creatures, both named Skengle, who originated in a game titled "Skengle 2.0" in 2000. Big Voice, a commanding voice belonging to an unseen human, also plays a prominent role in the show.

Selected content

Like its predecessor, Phred on Your Head Show, the series featured select episodes of other Noggin television programs such as Doug and Cro. selections

Data such as high scores for videogames on would air along with the focused content. User-submitted content such as "Dress Phred" (a "dress-up" videogame in which the player chooses an outfit for Phred to wear), poll results (presented by the Skengles), and "Noggimation" animated patches were often featured.

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