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The following is a list of episodes in the second season of The Wild Thornberrys, listed in production order.

Episode list

Image # Title Airdate Prod.
Title-DarwinPlaysThePalace 21 "Darwin Plays the Palace" August 19, 1999 021
The Thornberrys are in India when Eliza and Darwin are seen playing together by Kip and Biederman. They capture Darwin and sell him to a rajah who is looking for a new chimp act to entertain his court. Eliza frantically searches for the missing Darwin and follows a trail of kumquats Darwin left to the rajah's palace. Entry to the palace is forbidden and she will have to rely on her wits to sneak inside and rescue Darwin.
Title-StickYourNeckOut 22 "Stick Your Neck Out" August 23, 1999 022
Eliza finds a hero in a giraffe who can see distances with his height and warn others of approaching danger. However, to Eliza's dismay, the giraffe leaves the animals for his own needs. Only when Eliza herself is in danger does the giraffe return.
Title-NoLaughingMatter 23 "No Laughing Matter" August 24, 1999 023
Eliza frees a spotted hyena from captivity, but having never lived in the wild, it doesn't know how to survive. Eliza attempts to teach it, but it seems hopeless—until a warthog threatens them and the hyena's natural instincts take over.
Reef Grief title 24 "Reef Grief" September 14, 1999 024
Eliza gets in over her head when she assumes responsibilities she can't handle. She is soon forced to don scuba gear and rescue a fumbling Nigel and a tumbling commvee under the dangerous waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
Dances with Dingoes Title 25 "Dances With Dingoes" September 16, 1999 025
Debbie discovers Eliza talking to dingoes and threatens to tell her parents. Eliza, concerned about the possibility of being shipped back to the United States as a science experiment and losing her powers, seeks help from nearby Aboriginal Australians. Together they confuse Debbie into thinking it was all a dream.
Chew if by Sea 26 "Chew if by Sea" August 30, 1999 026
When the Thornberrys leave Australia for India, Eliza can't bear to leave her wombat friend, Emily. Even though Emily was told not to, she comes along with her. Now Eliza is constantly forced to re-create Emily's habitat in order to ensure her survival.
Chimp Off the Old Block Title 27 "Chimp Off the Old Block" August 25, 1999 027
Darwin brings Eliza to his chimpanzee compound, and Eliza, who isn't used to the structure of the chimpanzee way of life, puts Darwin in an uncomfortable situation. After a fire starts, Eliza realizes the hierarchy is necessary for jungle survival.
Koality and Kuantity 28 "Koality and Kuantity" August 26, 1999 028
The Thornberrys discover that koalas are missing from their native groves. Eliza decides to unravel the mystery only to discover Kip and Biederman masterminding the evil plot. It is now up to her to stop the culprits from wiping out an entire species.
Title-RainDance 29 "Rain Dance" August 18, 1999 029
With the commvee broken down in the desert and no water left to survive, the Thornberrys go through desperate measures to maintain their sanity. However, on the verge of dehydration, Marianne convinces her family to perform the rain ritual pictured in a nearby monolith. Everyone cheers as the rains pour down among them.
Clash of the Teutons 30 "Clash of the Teutons" August 31, 1999 030
The Thornberrys meet the Fensterkopfs who make false documentaries. The Fensterkopfs' kid lies to Eliza and gets them all stuck on a cliff. After the families barely escape an avalanche, the value of truth is learned by all.
Title-YouAin'tSeenNothin'Yeti 31 "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yeti" September 1, 1999 031
To study and protect the snow leopards from extinction and a construction site that is threatening their survival, Nigel's mentor (thought to be lost for many years) has left civilization to be a yeti. Eliza, having discovered his identity, helps him fend off the pending construction (with the unexpected assistance of an actual yeti).
Title-OnTheRightTrack 32 "On the Right Track" September 2, 1999 032
When the Thornberrys are in Finland for the annual reindeer races, Eliza feels left out. She single-handedly uncovers a plot to sabotage the races, and along with an equally excluded reindeer who didn't make the final cut, helps save the day.
Title-Show Me the Bunny 33 "Show Me the Bunny" September 13, 1999 033
After Eliza saves an Arctic hare from a determined stoat, she learns that underdogs come in all shapes and sizes.
Polar Opposites Title 34 "Polar Opposites" September 6, 1999 034
When a friendly polar bear is wrongly accused of vicious behavior, Eliza goes to great lengths to keep him from being harmed and learns the value of sticking by a friend in times of trouble. Meanwhile, Debbie gets a job at a local diner.
RebelWithoutaTrunk 35 "Rebel Without a Trunk" August 16, 1999 035
Marianne attempts to spend time with Eliza while riding elephants to a festival, but Eliza and her mischievous elephant friend get into trouble and end up burning down their campsite as well as a run in with a local Bengal tiger. Meanwhile, the rest of the family throws a party.
PalJoey 36 "Pal Joey" August 17, 1999 036
Eliza convinces a mother kangaroo that she can handle the responsibilities of baby-sitting. She quickly learns that this mischievous joey is more than meets the eye. After a close encounter with Tasmanian devils, Eliza is all too happy to be relieved of her duty. Meanwhile, Marianne organizes a prom for Debbie at the commvee.
Thornberry Island title 37 "Thornberry Island" September 15, 1999 037
The Thornberrys get stranded on an uncharted island, basking at first in all the beauty and the splendor, but discover soon enough that being marooned isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Title-Two'sCompany 38 "Two's Company" September 7, 1999 038
When Eliza is told that "Lonesome Jake" the Galapagos tortoise (based on the real-life Lonesome George) is the last one of his kind, she can't just let his species become another name on the extinction list. Enlisting help from other animals, she soon discovers "Samantha" and brings the two tortoises together—blind date style. But she soon realizes that playing the role of Cupid is not as easy as it seems.
Have yourself a Thornberry little Christmas Title Card 39 "Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas" November 29, 1999 039
Eliza goes to desperate measures to help animals survive during tough times along the Skeleton Coast. Her good-will intentions, however, will soon cost her family their entire supply of holiday cheer--and their Christmas dinner!
Gift of Gab Title 40 "Gift of Gab" February 26, 2000 040
Eliza and Darwin reminisce about the day they met, and how Eliza gained her ability to talk to animals.
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