• i notcied you removed the edit becuase you said it was the "fake one", well theres a story to the one you called fake, the other  wiki that you said was not fake had admins, and these admins, well, they permanetly blocked people without giving any warnings, they also keep removing pages and edits made by the blocked person just because they blocked, even if they were actully following the rules, they still removed them, and they break their own rules alot, they never say why they removed something, and insted just remove the comment. the rules that they break are rules related to bad word polices, false informaotion polices, and more, the one that you said was "fake" will be trying to fix the problums on the ther wiki. they will try to actully be nice unlike the other one and will try being bigger and make sa better community, 

    i hope you understand, i wont change the link, but in the future when the other one will be known as "the fake one". the other one will be put on the link 

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