• I was messaged in Discord about the huge amount of plagiarism that a vandal/sockpuppet named Brady did, so I've been using an automatic script to delete his pages.

    All pages within the wiki's scope (ex. significant characters and their pictures) will be restored, ideally with Brady's plagiarism removed.

    As a side note, below are the episode coverage goals for the wiki. Redirecting barebones episode pages to a list page, and then filling out the info in a table on the list page, is very helpful to us achieving this goal in the future.

    List articles like this format (tables, summaries, air dates, and title cards) are what we're looking for in episode coverage here.

    I've been advocating this approach because:

    1. Show-dedicated wikis go into much more detail on their own episode articles.
    2. Our admin staff can't maintain episode pages for every Nick show, so we should leave it to the dedicated wikis.
    3. The episode articles are usually bare-bones, without any exclusive information that would encourage visitors. For episode info, readers almost always go to the dedicated wikis or Wikipedia's episode lists.
    4. The episode articles here are barely viewed.

    There is a very steep decline in page viewership when looking at our episode articles compared to any others. Long story short, it's best to consolidate efforts into list pages, where your efforts have a much better chance at being viewed.

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