• In response to your previous message, the deletions follow months of decision-making and discussion on the part of the admins and our wiki manager.

    Almost no info is being removed. We are getting rid of the plagiarized individual episode articles, which were mostly created by sockpuppets of the Brady vandal. It is all being relocated to episode list articles. We worked out a plan with our wiki manager, Spongebob456, to "interlink" episodes from list pages, where all of the info can be displayed in a much more convenient way for this wiki.

    The only real change will be that episode coverage is concentrated into these lists. Almost no original content will be removed, since the content on episode pages is the same as what's conveyed in the lists.

    You can help out by moving episode summaries/title cards to episode list pages.

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    • Would redirects work?

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    • Redirecting episode titles to the list pages would be fine. On the list pages themselves, we should interlink the episode titles to the dedicated show wikis (for example, use [[w:c:spongebob:Episode Title|Episode Title]] to link to a SpongeBob episode).

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    • I handle the redirects and the interlinking can be left to other users, I don’t really have interest in interlinking, instead producing the redirects on those pages if I find them.

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    • A FANDOM user
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