"Ties That Bind" is the second segment of the ninth episode of The Loud House.


On a typically wild Saturday at the Loud house, Lincoln overhears a conversation between his parents through the air vent in the bathroom. Specifically, he hears Rita telling Lynn Sr. that he has to get rid of "all eleven" before the garbage pickup tomorrow. Fearing the worst, Lincoln tells his sisters that their parents are planning to get rid of them all, and brings them to the air vent to listen in on the conversation themselves. However, none of them actually hear the entirety of their parents' conversation, and are thus unaware that Rita is actually demanding that Lynn Sr. give up his collection of novelty neckties.

Not wanting to be kicked out, the kids all work together to clean up the house and give up their respective vices. Soon, they hear more of their parents' conversation and hear Rita apparently agreeing that she won't get rid of them all... instead, she's allowing Lynn Sr. to keep one necktie. As they discuss which tie he should get rid of, the kids continue to misinterpret their conversation, as all the descriptions for said ties also apply to each of them. Soon, the sisters believe that Lincoln's the only one who's being kept and dejectedly leave to go pack their belongings. However, Lincoln then hears his parents deciding to just get rid of "the one with the white hare" (an Easter Bunny tie) and thinks he's the only one they're getting rid of.

Lincoln sadly goes to pack his belongings and give his most cherished possessions to his sisters, but when he tells them that the parents are getting rid of him, the sisters refuse to let that stand and barge in to Lynn Sr. and Rita's room, saying they will not let their only brother be sent away. Lynn Sr. and Rita promptly tell their kids that they were, in fact, talking about getting rid of Lynn Sr.'s ties (which he decides not to do), and that they would never think of getting rid of their children. A week later, things seem back to normal, with Lincoln promising to never eavesdrop again... right before he overhears Lynn Sr. complaining about Rita having "a bun in the oven", at which point the boy again jumps to the wrong conclusion (in actuality, Rita is just baking a bun that Lynn Sr. cannot eat because he is gluten-free).

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  • The Loud House: Welcome to the Loud House - Season 1, Volume 1

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