Tiger Claw

Tiger Claw is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain known as Takeshi who was a Japanese boy who was mutated by the Kraang as a child into a 6 1/2 ft. humanoid mutant Bengal tiger called Tiger Claw with razor-sharp fangs and claws, heightened smell, and superhuman strength upon coming in contact with a Bengal tiger. He and his sister Alopex subsequently became circus performers then a pair of dangerous assassins, though she later removed his tail in a rage for making her a criminal as well as the fact that their parents were one of his victims. Since then, he had been planning to have his revenge against his sister for her betrayal as she plans to do the same. He later lost his eye following his first engagement with the Turtles and ended up in the 1987 cartoon series dimension, but eventually returned and became Shredder's second-in-command. When Tiger Claw faced off against Alopex again, half of his right arm was sliced off by Alopex and was replaced with a cybernetic arm. During the fifth season, Tiger Claw attempted to use Kavaxas to revive the Shredder . But the attempt nearly started an apocalypse and Tiger Claw renounced his vendetta against the turtles.

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